Yesterday I talked about Google Chromium OS first impressions which was fast and different. The first run of Google chrome was possible with the help of VMware player and the VMWare image of Google chrome OS.

googlechrome1The VMware image of chrome was compiled and was available for download on the web. For running the Google OS, VMware needed to be setup so that it can use the existing VMware Hard disk image. For setting Vmware, two important things you should take care of :

  1. You need to select Linux >> Other Linux  2.6x kernel as the operating System.
  2. You need to select the option of using Existing VMware image.

I made a  small video (below) to illustrate how to set these options. You should check this out yourself.

I hope the Video is good enough for anyone to setup VMware to run Google chrome OS image. Ask me if you need any clarification.