As many of you know, Google Released the Chromium OS as open source project few days back which was surrounded by lot of speculation and expectations. The release was basically aimed at developers as lot of work needs to be done before its ready for general public or even a alpha or beta release.

A VMware image of the compiled Chrome OS is available for download on the web and  I was successful in grabbing a copy of that VMware image of Chromium OS. The VMware needed a bit of configuration  before the Chrome OS image was able to run. Check it out for yourself.

The boot-up time was too less( less than 7 secs perhaps). You will need to use your google account ID as user name and password to login into Chrome OS. Obviously, you need a working net connection and it need to configured with VMware settings. Also, don’t try to compare it with Windows or even Linux, as its too different and based totally on a new concept of operating system.

Right now , its equivalent just to Chrome browser of Google. We need to wait , may be atleast a year till something substantial comes out. We all know, what Google is capable of and hence we should expect something new, different and excellent operating system when its out finally.

I would be writing another post on how to configure VMware on windows to run Chrome OS in it.