Those of you who work on Laptops are well aware of the importance of Batteries of batterycareyour laptop. You need to take proper care of them so that battery life is extended and its available when you require it for its full time.

There are many manual ways by which you can extend the battery life but what if a software tool can monitor your laptop battery and manage it so that you are well aware of when to charge or do a full discharge of the battery and many more things associated with it. And that too for FREE.

BatteryCare is a such a tool which lets you optimize the usage and performance of the modern laptop’s battery by monitoring it all time. Battery’s discharge cycles is monitored by it which helps to extend its lifetime.

Battery CareThe status screen of battery care gives you the amount of battery remaining  along with the number of discharge cycles the battery have and its present status too. It also displays CPU temperature (You should be logged in as administrator for this display to be visible).

Battery care1When the full number of discharges for the battery are complete it will ask you do calibrate the battery by doing a full discharge.

batterycare dischargeIt also lets you some between different power plans or let it choose automatically. A tray icon sits quietly in your taskbar monitoring and managing your battery.

batterycare traybattercare2Its a great tool to have if you work on a laptop. Give it a try and leave your feedback below.

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