Mirillis Action! – Games and desktop recorder [Review and Giveaway]

From the makers of Splash EX Pro comes Action! A real-time recording software that enables you to record web player videos, video games and gameplay, display game frame rates, add live audio commentary to create high quality tutorials, record music, capture screenshots, and more all in HD video quality.

Main Screen

On the main screen shown above, you have several options for the final output of your recording.

Rendering mode

In rendering mode, you can choose Games and Applications (utilizing DirectX/OpenGL), Active desktop, and Active desktop region.

Video Size

This option allows the user to decide the size of the video recorded including Original, 1080p, 720p, and 480p.

Video framerate

This option allows the user to decide the framerate of the video (FPS. Options include 60, 50, 30, 25, 24, 20, and 15.


This option allows the user to decide the duration of the video being recorded.

Additional options

Users can also decide whether or not to record system sounds, allow multi-channel audio recording and the option to record or not record the microphone.

Audio Recording Screen

The audio recording screen allows the user to set the options for audio recording.


Sets the duration for the audio recording

Output format

This allows the user to select the audio output format for the recording. Options include .WAV, and .mp4 audio formats.

Additional options

Again, users can decide to allow multi-channel audio recording and the option to record or not record the microphone.

Benchmark Screen

From the benchmark screen, you can record and keep track of your framerates and average framerates.  You can select the duration of the benchmark as well as see your Operating System, CPU, and RAM. Also with the benchmarking feature, there is a small gadget that constantly displays your current framerates in real-time. You can select which area of the screen you would like the gadget to be placed.

Capture Screenshots

On this screen, as the name implies, you can capture screenshots. You can save your screenshots in .PNG, BMP, and .JPEG formats. You can also select the screenshot area that you would like to use for your screenshot. Options include entire desktop, selected desktop region, or the option to capture individual desktops or entire desktop for multi-display setups.

Settings Screen

On this screen you can select your desired settings for the program. You can change the settings for General, Recording, Audio, HUD (Heads-Up-Display), Export, and Hotkeys settings.

Action! key features (as taken from www.mirillis.com)

  • Video Source
Windows Aero, DirectX® 9/10/11, OpenGL®
  • Video Codec
FICV (Fast Intra Compression Video – Mirillis codec)
  • Audio codec
Linear PCM (Stereo/5.1)
  • Video resolution
Single Display – up to 2560×1600
NVIDIA 3D Vision, AMD Eyefinity – up to 8192×8192
  • Video framerate
15, 20, 24, 25, 30, 50, 60
  • Output file format
  • Video recording modes
Games & applications
Active desktop
Active desktop region
  • Video recording options
Perfect Video Match mode
Time limited recordings
Optional mouse cursor recording
  • Audio options
Recording system sounds
Stereo or multi-channel sound recording
Recording microphone
Microphone volume adjustment
Microphone mixing level adjustment
  • Video recordings playback
FIC playback with Internal Action! player

  • Recorded data
Framerate and average framerate
  • Output file format
  • Benchmarking options
Time limited benchmarking
  • Audio Codecs
Linear PCM (Stereo/5.1), AAC LC (Stereo/5.1)
  • Output file format
  • Audio options
Time limited recordings
Stereo or multi-channel sound recording
Option to record silence
Recording microphone
Microphone volume adjustment
Microphone mixing level adjustment
  • Output file formats for Desktop
  • Output file formats for Games & applications
  • Screenshots capture features
Capturing screenshots for selected desktop region
Option to capture individual desktops or entire desktop for multi-display setups
  • Output file formats
  • Output video
H.264 / AVC (up to 1920×1080)
  • Output audio
AAC LC (Stereo / 5.1)
  • Hardware accelerated video encoding support
Intel® Quick Sync Video
  • Video preprocessing
High quality scaling
  • YouTubeâ„¢ features
Predefined YouTubeâ„¢ export profiles
Automatic video splitting
  • Facebook features
Predefined Facebook export profiles
  • General export features
Predefined profiles for popular formats and devices
Video frame preview during exporting process
  • Action! HUD
Displaying framerate for games, applications and desktop
Displaying average framerate for games, applications and desktop
Displaying detected 3D engine for games and applications
Displaying recording, benchmarking and screenshot capturing status
  • User Interface
Video recordings manager with thumbnail view
Audio recordings manager
Benchmarks manager
Screenshots manager
  • General features
Automatic Action! window hiding before recording start
Automatic Action! window showing after recording is finished
Profiles for Active desktop region mode*
Custom hotkeys
Multicore CPU Support
Automatic Updates

In conclusion, I really enjoy Action! from Mirillis. The ability to record high-quality tutorials is a great feature, and I must admit it is quite fun to record video game play and then be able to go back and watch it. The built in benchmark gadget is always displayed to help you keep an eye out on your framerates and performance. With plenty of features and settings, Action! is a product to consider when wanting to record high-quality video tutorials and gameplay.

System Requirements


Low resolution video recording.


Windows Vista®, Windows 7 (with Windows Aero enabled for dekstop recording)

DirectX® and latest graphics card drivers., Running Action! requires administrator rights.


GRAPHICS CARD :- Direct3D 9.0 compatible with Pixel Shader 2.0 support

SOUND CARD :- DirectX® compatible

CPU :- Intel® Celeron® 1.4GHz or equivalent processor (SSE2 required)


HD Video recording


Windows Vista®, Windows 7
(with Windows Aero enabled for dekstop recording)

DirectX® 9.0c and latest graphics card drivers

Running Action! requires administrator rights.


1024MB (1GB)


Full Direct3D 10.0 compatible with Pixel Shader 4.0 support


DirectX® compatible


Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.0GHz or equivalent processor

Hardware accelerated video encoding

Intel® Sandy Bridge processor with Intel® Quick Sync Video support.  NVIDIA® graphics card with NVIDIA® CUDA™.

For more information, please visit www.mirillis.com


Thanks to the Mirillis Team and Avinashtech forum moderator Mike, we have 3 licenses of Action! for a Giveaway for Avinashtech readers.

Giveaway will begin on January 18th and end on January 25th. Winner selection will be random and unbiased using Random.org.

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  1. It must be a really great program, I would like him testing the at home.
    Anyway, as you can see, the manufacturer is high class, and you can tell the best HD video player that is SplashPro. 🙂 So if I ask, I would really ask. Please Count Me.

  2. Nice review, Jeremy!
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  3. Thanks Jeremy, nice review.
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  4. It is  simple to use way to  snap screenshots and export so you can share them on the web.great giveaway

  5. Awesome giveaway avinash, i didn’t except at all.
    The best Game recorder had feature like smooth HD Recording, Benchmark record function, Screenshot capture, multiple setting features regarding volume, core recording, cursor recording, system sound , microphone, HUD, hotkey etc.

    count me in avinash, Hope one license for me.

  6. Looks like a great app.  The only Con is that  you need a state of the art PC for it, but fortunately that is no problem for me. The output file-size is also reasonably modest. Bandicam has even smaller files, but the video quality is not as high. Please count me in.

  7. Looks like a fun program.
    Would like to give it a go while playing my games.
    Count me in please.

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  14. Looks good.  I’m looking for a recorder that can record from system, not from my microphone, so I’ll check this out.  Camtasia does this but then you have to convert the file.  Count me in for this, sounds promising.

  15. To have a desktop recorder is always handy
    and it’s even better if it can also record DirectX/OpenGL or video content.
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