We have talked about many tuneup tools for Windows PCs e.g Tuneup Utilities, Glary utilities, Ccleaner etc. Today we will talk about another application Cacheman which helps you speedup your PC by optimizing several caches, managing RAM and fine tuning loads of system settings automatically.


Outertech’s system tool Cacheman offers the best methods to speed up Windows 7, Vista, and XP. Cacheman optimizes several caches, manages computer memory (RAM), fine tunes Registry settings and speeds up the PC by dynamically changing process priority.


The first thing that you will notice after installing and running it first time is a much different Graphical user interface compared to any other tuneup application. The default tab that shows the real-time CPU usage of each core of the processor, RAM usage, Page file usage and a much better task manager showing all the process details. Apart from this default tab, you will find many tabs for many other options or configurations. In short, the GUI is simple enough for most average users and many novice users too. Its not complicated and doesn’t uses too technical language for defining tabs or options in the interface.


Cacheman takes over the applications memory management from Windows OS and manages the memory real-time by dynamically lowering the priority of background applications that use a lot of processing power. If you want to make a exception of this feature for some particular application then you can add that application as exclusion and it wont manage the Memory used by that application on its own.


Just like most tuneup applications, Cacheman has inbuilt one click auto optimizer. But the difference here is that it provides different profiles for this one click auto optimization based on configuration of your System. You can use of the profiles from Gaming Computer, Notebook, Netbook, Server, Maximum stability, Desktop (best of all worlds) and Windows 7 Tablet which suits you and your system.


It also works as a internet accelerator by optimizing Firefox/IE DNS cache parameters and the Internet Explorer server connection settings along with tweaking the Local Area Network (LAN) connection. To be honest, if you are on a good speed internet connection already, you wont feel any difference in your net speed even after optimizing.


Overall it is a great app if you are looking to speedup your PC. As with every other tuneup application, you must make a backup just in case something goes wrong. It does create a system restore point automatically before applying One click Optimization settings. It also provides you advanced backup feature that allows you to revert any of the tweaks with a single click. For some it may be a bit annoying though that all tweaks need a system reboot in order to become effective.


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