Configuring Windows can be problem for many of you when the options / configuration isnt so obvious.For many of you its quite complicated even though windows is much more user friendly than Linux.Still some may require some special software to do this so that they neednot go deep into configurations/ registry settings and all.Finding the setting you need can be frustrating. Is it in the Control Panel? In a right-click context menu? Buried deep in the Registry?

It’s certified for Windows Vista by Microsoft and works with prevoius versions of Windows too.
Tune up utilities 2007 takes care of all these concerns by bringing all the best Windows tweaks together in one program. And there are plenty of powerful features.
The TuneUp Styler 2, for instance, offers many ways to customise the way Windows looks. You’re able to change just about any system icon, change the icon spacing on your desktop or remove the arrow from can install new boot or logon screens, visual styles or icon sets. If you don’t have any suitable images yourself then it’s even possible to download free images or icons from the TuneUp Utilities site.
DiskCleaner removes redundant files from your hard drive, or perhaps wipe away invalid Registry entries with the Registry Cleaner. Another tool will defragment the Registry to improve performance, while the System Optimizer applies a range of tricks to speed up your desktop, hard drives, Internet connection and browser.

Important – Serial Code

Clean, tune, tweak and optimise your PC with this full commercial tool worth £30.Its offered free by Vnunet.

  1. You need a serial code to use TuneUp Utilities 2007. Enter code JMNCG-FKNGR-WMAMT-FRTQL-BLYJB-XDYMX with your name to register the software.
  2. You can download it here.