From Today onwards, Avinashtech is changing to 100% Revenue Sharing Blog. Avinashtech invites Guest Author and Writers who are willing to participate in our revenue sharing program providing you with exposure plus 100% Adsense generated money from that post.


Avinashtech is a popular tech blog dealing with Computers, Software, Internet, Windows,  technology, Troubleshooting, Google, Microsoft and many other tech related stuff.

Google page rank – #4

Alexa rank -               40+ K

Daily PV –                    9000+, Monthly PV – 250K+

Subscriber base-    8000+

If you write for Avinashtech or become a Guest Author, it will provide you exposure + backlink + traffic + recognition + Money.   The post which you will write will have Guest Author own Adsense Code just below the post title as it is now with every post.


The Revenue sharing for Guest Author here is 100%. Yes, you read that right. Avinashtech wont place our AD inside your post and 100% of the revenue generated from that post (with the Adsense block below title only) will be in your Adsense account for lifetime of the blog. The percentage (100%) wont change until forced by some technical problem either with WordPress or Adsense TOS. If Adsense TOS changes in future, then the sharing may be affected. But i dont think that will happen.

How to add Adsense Ad details for Revenue sharing on Avinashtech

Right now, you need to have your own Adsense account to profit from the Revenue sharing Program. If the author doesn’t have a Adsense account, in that case Default Avinashtech Ads will be shown.


  1. Original Work :– The post/Article should be orignal and not published anywhere. You should provide proper credit to original author if you are taking some reference of the article.
  2. Avoid Self Promotion :- Avinashtech will provide a brief intro about you and your blog with a single link-back too either at beginning or end of the post (Depending on Your choice). No affiliate links are allowed or any other links which are not relevant. You can link back to your site articles but that’s allowed only when the link back is relevant.
  3. Copyright :– Nothing should be copied from anywhere. IF someone is found copying, he will be banned and all his/her posts will be removed.
  4. Quality :- You should be able to produce quality content with your article or post. Avinashtech decision whether to publish a post or not will be final. Also, We reserve the right to edit the post (in minimal, if required with proper information given to author) to suit the blog.

PS: You should be regular in writing. At least 3-5 posts a month.

Feel free to mail me if you have any doubts about this Revenue sharing Program or any other query.

Join Avinashtech Revenue sharing program

PS:- Accounts created by users who don’t make any guest post will be deleted without warning.