For those of you who would like to write for Avinashtech and participate in Revenue sharing to earn some money using adsense need to configure their adsense code with parameters that match the Avinashtech Code. Its simple and easy to do with no complications.


Just login to your Adsense account and navigate to Adsense setup >> Adsense for content. Now create a new adsense Ad Unit (Not link unit) with following setttings:

Ad unit – Select Text ads Only

Format (Size) – 336 X 280 Large Rectangle

Color of the adsense units

Border                #     FFFFFF
Title                     #     007AC9
Background      #     FFFFFF
Text                     #     000000
URL                     #     000000

Font : Verdana

If you need to track this Ad block , you can give a channel name as per your choice. Now save settings and get the Ad Code. It should look something like this.

adsense revenue sharingFrom that Adsense unit, you need to note down two things. First your Google pub-id and second slot id of the Ad block. Now proceed to Avinashtech WordPress Author area by logging in.

Navigate to Adsense advertising in Avinashtech Dashboard. Here you need to input your Google pub-id and second slot id of the Ad block. Remember to put your pub id as “pub-XXXXXXXXXX” not just “XXXXXXXX”. Slot id need to put in number form as shown in the screenshot below.

set adsense revenue sharingNow just save the settings and you are done. With this, all your posts that will get approved and published on Avinashtech will have your Adsense block with all money generated getting credited directly into your Adsense account.

Feel free to ask if you have any doubts or need any clarification.

Update- You need to send me your pub ID and Adslot ID if you cannot see those options.