IP Hider Review and 1 year Premium accounts (10 No.) Giveaway


If you are a privacy freak like me and want to hide you  to mask or hide  your actual IP address while browsing webpages online to avoid anyone tracking you or trying to spam you based on your online information, then  you need to use annonymous proxies or redirect all your traffic to VPN so that your online identity is hidden.

IP Hider is such a easy tool to hide your Real IP address while surfing online, providing online privacy and anonymous web surfing. It provides proxy servers in US, UK, CA, DE, NL, FR, NL, IE and DE & users can select  IPs in all these countries just selecting a different sever.

It is a very simple to setup and use. If you dont want to download any setup or installer, you can just configure your browser to use these proxy servers. If you are a windows user, you can download the installer. In brief, to use AllAnonymity proxy service, choose one of the following setup options. Important! do NOT use both options at a time!

1. Manually configure your browsers to use AllAnonymity servers. Detailed instructions can be found easily on the help area (for ALL users).


2. Download IP Hider to automatically configure your browsers to use AllAnonymity proxies (only for Windows users)

After you are done with installation of the IPHider, you can just select the Server from any of the countries listed and click on “Enable Anonymity” and you are done. All your internet traffic will now get routed through the server you just selected. If you minimize the window, then it will stay in task-bar area and your Internet connection will be through the proxy server that you just choose unless you decide to revert back to default by opening it again and stopping it.

There is a smart mode too which basically lets you choose servers using the Map and nothing different.


Now the most important part, the speed and how good it is to hide your IP. I tested with a trial account and what I did to check the speed? I just opened Hulu and Watched few videos and wow, they all played great without any buffering on my 2 mbps speed. No lag or delays were experienced and hence for me it worked great.

As I said before, the best part with this tool is

  1. it’s too easy to setup or configure.
  2. You can even set it up without installing anything on your system, by just using your browser.
  3. If IPHider client is installed, it does everything in just a click and you need not worry about configuring anything else.
  4. Speed is good.


I am still to find any.

It works with Windows XP, Windows2000, Windows2003, Windows Vista. On any other OS (MAC, Linux, iPad, iPhone etc), you can use it by manually configuring the browsers.


Thanks to AllAnonymity, we are giving away 10 accounts with access to all AllAnonymity servers valid for one year to readers of Avinashtech. Just follow the simple rules below to enter in this draw.

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  1. Thanks Avi for this great giveaway.
    Sometimes it’s handy to be able to hide your IP, especially if you love to your privacy, so please count me in this contest.

  2. Cool thank for another great giveaway! Will be very helpful and protect my privacy during my online session especially during my transaction which I frequently pay my mobile bill online due to my laziness to pay it manually at their branch. And also using this let me bypass some website which is block by my ISP and country such as Megaupload. Very please with this giveaway. Please do count me in!

    Here my tweet on this https://twitter.com/#!/CoolCrackerz/status/143815198195728385

  3. Great I am the first to comment 😀

    Cool I would like to use this to bypass the security of blocked site here. Being anonymous on net is great so that no one can trace my privacy 🙂
    Count me in please!

  4. Nếu có được bản quyền này sẽ rất tốt cho việc truy cập internet của tôi.

  5. Thanks for the giveaway. I would like to use IP Hider to protect my privacy when online and also to access ip restricted sites for listening to music and watching movies, etc.

  6. I need it for hiding real IP address while surfing the internet which provide protection to surfer to protect my identity from strangers.Thanks.

  7. Great opportunity, awesome software. I need IP hider to protect my identity. Already subscribed. I want to win a
    license. Please count me in your giveaway. Thanks a lot

  8. Two great giveaways in one day-thanks.
    Privacy is becoming more and more difficult to keep so this sw should be a great assistance to anyone.
    Please count me in.

  9. this is a great application and seems very useful concerning protecting our privacy. Hope you will count me in. Thank you in advance.

  10. Thank you very much for the giveaway I would like to have one my facebook nameأيمن القوصى
    My Twitterayman_1967I Subscribe to this  blog and Share this on Twitter, FacebookI need proxy to access sites blocked wepsite.

  11. It’s an excellent software for the protection of privacy on the web. A year ago I was lucky to win the annual license of IP Hider on Avinashtech, and I must say that I didn’t have any problems with this, and it worked really very well. I hope I manage to extend the license for another year.
    Thank you for this great giveaway. Please count me in…

    Best Regards

  12. Thank you very much for this opportunity. We all need more privacy especially me. So I would like to win a license. Please count me in. Regards

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