After the freebies, its turn for learning something. Today i will talk about something simple to do but very effective if you want to encrypt and password protect your sensitive files and folders. Many of you use Winrar for normal day to day compression of files & folders.

Using Winrar you can  encrypt and password protect your files & folders in a single click. The process is too simple and may be many of you may already be knowing this. So here’s how to do this.

Do you know some other ways to do it? Please let me know by commenting below

1. Select the Folder or the file you want to password protect. Just right click on it and select “Add to archive“.

WINRAR PASSWORD2. Now in the window that opens, just navigate to “Advanced”  and in that click on “Set password“.


3. Now you can set the password as per your need. If you want more security, you should just check the option to “encrypt file names” too. This will make even the file names encrypted making your files and folders more secure.

WINRAR encryptAs far as this encryption and password safety is concerned, its too difficult to break it anyway. You can not open it until you use the correct password. If you forgot the password , then in no way the file or folder can be opened. Just a remote possibility if you used a dictionary word as password, then may be by using a dictionary brute force hack, you can get it otherwise not.