Its freebies raining again and again. You can  Download 1 Year McAfee VirusScan Plus 2010 With SiteAdvisor for Free thanks to a promo ( by Mcafee and VMware) and Blogger . Mcafee Virus scan along with Site Advisor protects your computer from virus, trojans, malicious attacks phishing etc.

mcafee 2010Some of the Features that are offered along with it are :

mcafee virusscan plus

HOW TO Download McAfee VirusScan FREE FOR 1 YEAR

1. Visit the promo page (copy and paste the URL in your browser).

2. On the page, you will find a “download trial” button for 12 months. Using the link you can Download McAfee VirusScan.

3. You need to create a mcafee account to download it. Remember the account details as that will be used while activating the product.

4. After logging into your mcafee account you just created Download McAfee VirusScan ,Install it and enjoy great virus protection for 12 months.