Help support charity by downloading SoftMaker FreeOffice (for Windows and Linux)

Not everyone has the money or the means to donate to Charities, but sometimes there comes an easy way to help the needy. What if you could donate a very small amount just by downloading a software? SoftMaker, have come up with just that. Softmaker charity campaign

For every download, SoftMaker donates € 0.10 to development and charity projects on the word! The more downloads, the more SoftMaker donates. Every download counts.

Tell your friends and co-workers about this campaign, post the news to Facebook, Twitter, and web forums – everything you can think of to make this great campaign a success!

Softmaker annouced in a blog post, that they will be donating € 0.10 to support charities and development projects at

SoftMaker FreeOffice consists of three modules:

  1. FreeOffice TextMaker: It’s a Word processor which allows you to create and save DOC files, Read DOCX and Open Office files, PDF, RTF,HTML,etc, and print documents.
  2. FreeOffice PlanMaker: It’s a spreadsheet editor which can open and save XLS files.
  3. FreeOffice Presentations: It’s a presentation viewer/editor which can open and save PPT presentations. And read PPTX files too.

Head to the LoadandHelp page to download FreeOffice. You will be taken to the actual page where you need to fill up a form to receive your free license to activate FreeOffice. Use the information which you will receive in your email to activate the software.

Image courtesy:LoadandHelp.

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