ABC 9: [Exclusive] Virtualization Manager 2010 for VirtualBox Professional unlimited Giveaway


As promised, we are here with Ninth giveaway of Avinashtech Birthday celebrations, ABC 9: [Exclusive] Virtualization Manager 2010 for VirtualBox Professional unlimited Giveaway, thanks to Ksenia from Paragon Software.

Developer’s Description

Paragon Virtualization Manager (PVM) to help you easily migrate a Windows-based computer to a virtual environment (P2V) and vice versa (V2P). It allows you work with virtual disks from one easy-to-use interface and without starting a virtual machine.

Product description


  • Supports Oracle VirtualBox
  • P2V Migration. Migrate a physical system to a virtual machine or convert a backup image to a virtual disk
  • P2V Adjust Recover the OS startup ability after an unsuccessful virtualization by a 3rd party tool
  • P2P Adjust Recover the OS startup ability after a system migration to a different hardware platform
  • V2V Migration Migrate from one virtual environment to another
  • V2P Migration Migrate a virtual system to a physical environment
  • File transfer from/to virtual disks Exchange data between your physical environment and the virtual one or between a virtual disk and its snapshots
  • Smart Driver Injector Makes the process of adding new drivers smooth and easy
  • Virtual Disk Map Preview changes before they are applied on a handy disk partitioning map


Visit the registration page link to get the registration details by entering your Name and email address. This is a 48 hours Exclusive Giveaway.

Registration Page

Free download

This app doesn’t support VMWare or Microsoft Virtual Machine or WinPE 3.0 Environment.

Virtualization Manager 2010 for VirtualBox Professional unlimited Giveaway

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  1. Thanks.
    This is a stripped version of “Virtualization Manager 2010 Professional”.
    Following are stripped out:

    WinPE 3.0 Environment
    VMware Fusion (Supported Virtual Machines)
    VMware Workstation (Supported Virtual Machines)
    MS Virtual PC (Supported Virtual Machines)


  2. Thank you very much Ksenia & Avinash!

    Our Russian friends at Paragon have supported us through the whole year with alot of practical helpful software, It’s impressive!

    Myself will have great use of this tool when working with VirtualBox & my computers.
    See it also like a new complement for making clones & backups on machines.

    Looking forward to use it!
    Thanks Guys

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