Privacy has turned out to be a big issue for Facebook users in recent time after so many changes in privacy policy of Facebook. Every now and then we see some changes happening with it. Due to loads of options available to each user to adjust them that he or she gets confused often or dont even give a damn to check these. Most users have a default values  set by Facebook without any change done by user to them. All this leads to too much privacy concerns if you know what these settings can do for you. good or bad is another thing.

Today we will talk about a small tool which lets you scan all your privacy settings and after the scan, it gives you advice  on what to do along with the consequences of present configuration e.g  if your photos , data etc is exposed to outer friends circle or search engines etc.

To use this tool from, you need to just bookmark it on your bookmark bar by dragging a small button from this page.

After you added that button, just go to Facebook and login there. After that, just click the “scan for Privacy” button and it will scan all your settings. In few seconds , it will advise you about your settings. Here is what it turned out to be for my settings.

This simple scan tells a load about our settings and what should we do if we are not comfortable about it. Just check this tool and scan your settings if you are concerned about your privacy. Just use it and change your default options if required.