How many of present Google+ users are Facebook users too? Even though many users would like to keep Facebook and Google+ separate, there would be loads of users who would like to see a bit of integration between the two if possible. Looks like its possible to do that. Thanks to a plugin or extension called “Get Google+Facebook“, you can easily integrate your Facebook stream right inside your Google+ stream.

The extension or addon is available for both Google Chrome and Firefox browser. You need to just install that addon or extension in your browser and you are almost done. After the installation is over, you will find a Facebook button being added to your Google+ page just beside your Google+ Home button. You need to click that and connect it to your Facebook account by providing your login credentials just in same way as you do with other Facebook connect applications.

After you provide the login credentials for Facebook and allow it to connect to your account, you can see your Facebook stream just inside  Google+.

Due to https:// security level issues with Internet Explorer, Google+Facebook does not support IE. You can use it either on Chrome or Firefox.

Also, I am not sure till how much time it will work as Facebook may block it soon. Hopefully that doesn’t happen.

Get Google+Facebook


A Warning about the plugin (Quoted from Reddit user RogueDarkJedi )

If you want to read my findings (might be a bit technical), go ahead. But I’m just going to make this clear: DO NOT INSTALL THIS. This addon acts like malware and the service is a security vulnerability waiting to happen.

Read the full details about the warning here.