How often you got loads of pictures or images and wanted to combine all of those images to make a movie. Even though windows movie maker can do this job, it can be quite complicated for novice or even average users. Today we will talk about a simple and free Images to Video convertor tool Images to video which can do the job easily.

This simple tool lets you convert all your jpg images or photos into video formats like  avi (mpeg4), wmv, flv (flash), mov (quicktime).


  • Support for h.264 (Mpeg4), Flash video (flv), Windows media video (WMV), Quicktime movie (mov), VP8 (WebM).
  • Hardware/software scale
  • Hardware accelerated filters like crop and VideoRotate.
  • Advanced filtering technologies (using regular expressions)
  • Can be executed from command line as a scheduled task

As I said, the tool is too simple to use. You just need to select your images inside folders (even sub-folders too work). You can sort images either by name, creation time or last modified time. Unfortunately, you don’t have the option to sort or arrange those images manually. Some other options too are included like flipping the images or rotating them, but they are too simple. You cant do much of customisation. But overall its a simple tool for anyone who wants to convert bunch of images to a Movie without getting into complications of Video editing tools.

Download Images to Video