How many social networking sites do you use? How many IM (Instant Messenger) clients do you use? For most of you the answer will be more than one in each case which includes me. We have always wanted some simple solution which can provide access to all of them with all the features of each service at one place, most preferably our desktops.


Here’s one great tool which does all this and more. Yoono is a tool that lets you to connect to all your social network services like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Friendfeed etc.  and instant messaging services  like Gtalk, Yahoo, Windows Live etc. – all at one place.You can share and update your status, share stuff with your friends , family and colleagues.

Yoono social networkYou can add your social accounts to Yoono by just clicking on the relevant icons and then validating your user name and passwords. After you click finish, You can now manage all your social stuff at one place right on your desktop. You can add social networks later on too. You can change your status at one place and it will be updated everywhere in just a single click.

Yoonoupdate statusYou can use the basic IM and chat features over  IM networks .All updates that are happening over your social networks can be viewed in real-time. The updates will pop up near your task bar in small box. If you are a social network crazy , you will love this stuff. Its available both for Windows and Mac.

[Download Yoono]