I was pretty sad to read one comment when one of the winners of the Online armor Giveaway here was not able to  grab the license using the promo code i sent to him. It seems all the promo codes are used otherwise the problem wont have been there.

The reason it seems one of the winners either leaked the code to others or used the code to buy more than one licenses of Online Armor. That’s pretty bad. I didn’t expected some of my readers to be dishonest (If someone used the code more than what he or she should have).

May be I need to think about all this before planning any more giveaways.

For those of you who are facing problems in getting OA license, I would ask you to grab the OA++ license using the Giveawayoftheday.com which is offerng the license for FREE today only (29th Jan 2010). Or use the coupon code I have specified in my Today Post.


For those of you (from the winner’s list), who still want just OA not the full OA++ license, mail me and I will try my best to see what can be done but no guarantees though.