Well, Guys perhaps I am in need of every one’s help here. I get loads of emails asking for different stuffs like problems related to computers, some advice or asking for software licenses.

I try my best to answer each mail and till now I have been able to do that. May be I missed just one or two till now except those which gets by default into Spam folder.

I would like everyone of you to use Avinashtech Forum instead of emailing me and perhaps that would help other readers to get the answers next time if they have same kind of problem or issues.

Also, I would like everyone of you to register at Forum and start contributing a bit. I would be happy to see other people contributing in whatever way they can. No matter what you know, each one can contribute in some way or the other.

All this will help me in building a helpful community and in one way reduce my load too a bit as I maintain and run this site along with my Full Time Design Engineering job. I hope many of you will know how difficult it can be sometime to handle both simultaneously.

I would also like to hear more from you guys at some personal level too. I would like to get more close to the readers by interacting more with them. Also, I would love to hear from you guys some feedback on the website, the way it runs and what can be done more with it. All this is possible only if you guys start contributing whatever you can. 🙂

I hope most of you will head to Forum to register after reading this.