If you like watching videos on youtube.com you are probably often annoyed by the increasing amount of video advertisements served to you by Google. Firefox users can just install Adblock Plus and forget about the fact that advertisements ever existed. But what about Chrome users?

Even though there are adblockers available for Chrome as well, users of the Google browser until now had to live with the video ads. With more than 2.5 million users, the most popular adblocker is called “AdBlock”. It does a pretty good job in blocking banner ads. It does, however, fail most of the times when it comes to blocking video ads. This is due to a limitation in Chromium that prevents extensions from blocking content as effective as in Firefox. Unsurprisingly, Google doesn’t seem to be very eager to fix this issue. But now there is a new solution: Adblock Plus for Chrome.

The most popular Firefox addon was recently ported to Google Chrome as well. Adblock Plus is still in beta but already the second most popular extension. It is quite similar to AdBlock but it does a much better job in blocking video ads on Youtube. This is because the developers Wladimir Palant and Tom Joseph have implemented a hack into the blocking engine that enables the filters to work just like they do in the Firefox version. This workaround unfortunately only works on youtube.com, videos embedded on other sites are still served with ads.

If you are trying to block video ads in the Google browser, you just need to switch to Adblock Plus for Chrome. It can be installed for free from the Chrome Webstore, setup takes only a few seconds. Once installed, all ads are gone automatically and you can browse the internet in peace again. Just note that most websites are financed by ads so if you want to support a website you like, turning off the adblocker on those sites is the right thing to do.

This is a guest post written by Patrice, one of the editors of chrome-plugins.org, a website with reviews of Chrome extensions, apps and themes.