As most of us know that Apple is going to release their next version of iOS i.e iOS 5 tomorrow, Apple today released the basic requirement for the upgradation of existing devices like iPhone, iPad etc. to iOS5 i.e.  iTunes 10.5. As every Apple device owner knows, you need iTunes to upgrade your iOS on your Apple devices. So if you are planning to upgrade your devices tomorrow to iOS5, just download iTunes 10.5.

Apart from the requirement of iOS upgrade, the new iTunes 10.5 comes with the integration of iCloud, a cloud based feature which lets you push your purchases to every device you own  whether its songs, apps, or books .

With iTunes in the Cloud, the music you download to one device automatically appears on all your devices. So the song you buy from your Mac at work is ready and waiting for you on your iPhone when it’s time to drive home. Regardless of where you click or tap Buy, iTunes will automatically download your new songs, apps, and books to your other devices over Wi-Fi or 3G.

When you buy a song, TV show, app, or book from the App Store or the iTunes Store, iCloud stores it in your purchase history. So you can download what you want, from any of your devices, to whichever devices you choose. If you don’t want your iPad to automatically download everything you buy on your iPhone, for example, you can choose just the things you do want to download — song by song, episode by episode, app by app, and book by book.

Another additional feature that comes with iTunes 10.5 is iTunes Match lets you lets you also store music you didn’t buy through iTunes e.g thru Music CDs etc. This feature matches your songs to the vast database of songs available in iTunes store and the music which matches with yours is added to your library. Now as your music is now in iCloud, you can stream it or store it easily on all your Apple devices. The best part, all the music iTunes matches plays back from iCloud at 256-Kbps AAC DRM-free quality — even if your original copy was of lower quality. Now the bad part, this service costs you $25 a year.

Download Apple iTunes 10.5