Apple iPad 2 official pricing in India

Finally, Apple iPad 2 is officially available in India starting today. You can buy it from any of Apple resellar , the detailed list of which is available on Apple India website. The official pricing too has been announced on Apple India website which starts from 29,500 INR in case of iPad 2 with WiFi and 36,900 INR for iPad 2 with WiFi+ 3G.

iPad with Wi-Fi


Rs. 29,500*


Rs. 34,500*


Rs. 39,500*

iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G


Rs. 36,900*


Rs. 41,900*


Rs. 46,900*

The good thing is the prices shown are all inclusive of all taxes and hence you need not to worry about that part.

We would love to hear some feedback from real users who are going to buy it. Also, we did a small comparison between iPad2 and Samsung Galaxy tab for those who want to compare it based on technical specifications. Have a look.

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