As most of us know that Android is being used widely all over the world on almost 51.9 Million devices like Smartphones, Tablets etc and is the most popular Operating System for smartphone, tablet devices along with Apple iOS. All this popularity comes with a price. Malware writers and hackers have slowly started writing malware exclusively targeting Android Platform to steal sensitive, financial data, infect your device, spy on you and everything else that malware do on your Windows Operating systems on Desktops etc.

Almost every second, 3.5 malware threats are being created for Android including Facebook threats, malicious URLs and phishing sites specifically for mobile devices. The rate of growth of Malware for Android has been phenomenal. Starting August 2010, number of Malware samples for android has been growing by leaps and bounds.

The infographic by Trend Micro above depicts this threatening snapshot for Malware on Android devices and some of the basic tips on how to protect your android devices from these malwares. These basic security tips include small things like using a password or other phone locking feature, disabling the auto connect Wi-Fi option and downloading Apps only from trusted sources like Android Market.

[Via] and Full resolution Infographic at Trend Micro Blog.