Google search today unveiled a new feature which lets you block search results from whole domains for anything you search. As we all know that sometimes some domains can be offensive for some reason or may be that we just dont like a particular domain and hence want our search results to be free from results from that domain. Now Google search lets you do that easily.

If you search something on Google, a new option appears with each search result. Beside the “cached” option, you will find a new option to “block all results” which when clicked will block the domain from appearing in all your future search results for any keyword.

Image Credit: Mike

Your Google search will show you how many sites you have blocked and will give you a option to manage those blocked domains. You can undo the blocking easily using the management interface which you can access by visiting your Search Settings or clicking on the “Manage blocked sites” link that appears when you block a domain.

What you think of this feature? Would you block any domain from appearing in your search results? If yes, then why?

Via: Google Blog