Most of us who own a smartphone love to access content using mobile apps. We are happy to announce that today we are releasing an initial version of an Android App for Avinashtech. The app is now available on Google Play store and you can download, install it on your Android device.

Avinashtech Android App

If you are a regular reader at Avinashtech or you want to catch news about PC, software, Gadgets, smartphones & mobile apps, How-to tutorials and useful websites, then you should grab the app for sure.

This is a initial release of the Android App and hence is not perfect. We will keep fine tuning it from time to time based on reader’s feedback. Do share your feedback about the App and we will do our best to improve it.

Avinashtech Android App screenshot

The app comes with features like notifications, two themes Dark & light and two different layout, Grid layout and normal layout. We hope you will love this app.

You can grab the Avinashtech App from Google Play Store.