Add Paypal Donate button to your Site / Blog

Adding a Paypal donation button to your blog will give your loyal readers a chance to support you by donating a few bucks.Its so simple to add to ur blog / site.Follow the simple steps to add a Paypal donate button.

  1. You Need to have/create a paypal account and then it should be validated by adding some credit or debit card to it (It’s Free).
  2. If you hav a paypal accoun, to validate Add a credit/debit card to it (They will make a transaction of 1.95$ , just for validating purpose, after 4,5 days you will be getting the transaction details online with 4 digit code)
  3. Provide the 4 digit code into the paypal account.
  4. Once you provide that the 1.95$ will be added back to your account.
  5. You can go thru the below process and get the Donate button.

If you don’t have a paypal account yet, you can get a Free Paypal account here.

Now,to put a Paypal donation button in your blog, follow the following step

  1. First,Log in to your Paypal account.Add Paypal Donate button to your Site / Blog 1
  2. Click on the ‘Merchant Services’ tab (see at the top of the page). Add Paypal Donate button to your Site / Blog 2
  3. Scroll down the window and you will see an option “Donations” in the right sidebar.Click on it!Add Paypal Donate button to your Site / Blog 3
  4. Now,you will see some options like Donation name/service ,donation id,etc.The first field (Donation name/service) is the only thing that is required and all the remaining fields are optional.Enter that first field,choose a button style,scroll down the window and click on “Create a button Now”Add Paypal Donate button to your Site / Blog 4
  5. Now,you will see some html code… Copy it and sign in to your blogger dashboard »» Click on the layout »» Add a Page element »» html/javascript »» and paste that html code and SAVE THE CHANGES.Here is how the button will look in your sidebar

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  • vaibhav Link Reply

    now the donate button is not available for indians. paypal restricted indian citizens by addind donate button into their websites.

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