Help support charity by downloading SoftMaker FreeOffice (for Windows and Linux)

Not everyone has the money or the means to donate to Charities, but sometimes there comes an easy way to help the needy. What if you could donate a very small amount just by downloading a software? SoftMaker, have come up with just that. Softmaker charity campaign

For every download, SoftMaker donates € 0.10 to development and charity projects on the word! The more downloads, the more SoftMaker donates. Every download counts.

Tell your friends and co-workers about this campaign, post the news to Facebook, Twitter, and web forums – everything you can think of to make this great campaign a success!

Softmaker annouced in a blog post, that they will be donating € 0.10 to support charities and development projects at

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Download “First Look: Microsoft Office 2010” digital e-book in PDF

It seems Microsoft has started to promote its Office 2010 much before its final release. Few days back, they released the public Beta of Office 2010. Now , its another freebie though not big as Microsoft office 2010 Beta. Microsoft Press is offering “First Look: Microsoft Office 2010”, a digital e-book in PDF format by Katherine Murray, offering 14 chapters of early content.

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Grab SoftMaker Office 2008 (Microsoft office replacement) for Free

Most of you must be using Microsoft office for day to day work either at office or at home. Even though Microsoft office is a full fledged office suite providing you with tons of features and options, you may have noted that most of the features are not used by common users. Most of you need just a few features for doing your day to day stuff.


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Download Microsoft office 2010 professional plus Beta with license key

After Windows 7, its the turn of Office 2010 to be released by Microsoft. Microsoft has just released a public beta for its Office 2010 version. The release was made available to MSDN and Technet Subscribers few days back. Yesterday , Microsoft made it public and now anyone can download it and use it.


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Ultimate list of 50+ top freewares

I am compiling a list of freeware tools that can do almost everything you want to do on your computer. Leave comments if you think i missed something.


OpenOffice – This one is the best alternative to Microsoft office suite majority of us are used to. Give it a try and its worth the money. Its free no money needed though but do almost everything that microsoft office suite does.
AbiWord – Its a decent Text editor for your small needs. Its not as comprehensive as Microsoft Word or open office word replacement but decent enough for many people.
Adobe Reader – Every one knows this though. Its the free reader that Acrobat provides for reading PDF files.
Foxit PDF Reader – Another PDF reader, an alternative to adobe reader and its much lighter.
PDFCreator – A tool used to create pdf documents from other formats.
Sunbird – Its a calendar/organizer good enough for all your needs.
EssentialPIM Free – Another  calendar/organizer.

Archive managers

7-Zip – A free compression program more than good enough for personal use and do all that commercial compression products do.

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