PChammer’s Top 3 FREE Graphics Application Picks


There are a lot of great free Graphics software applications out there, so how do we know what is different or will accomplish more than the standard, renaming files, painting, changing color or effects? What will give users an advanced, as well as basic graphics editing capability? Well, I will list a few that I [...]

How to turn your Computer ON automatically


Have you ever wanted, or needed, to have your computer start up before you sat down at it?  I find it a complete advantage to have my computer running and through the start up before I even sit down.  The process saves some time and is just one small thing less to worry about each [...]

Backup and Restore your System With Comodo Time Machine


How often you have used the System Restore Feature of Windows Operating System to find out that "your system can not be restored". System restore feature in Windows indeed is a great feature to restore your system if something bad happens with it or if the system gets infected. But most often we find its [...]

Reason why Linux failed to impress Windows users


Most of you know that Linux is far more stable and secure than Windows. But why so many people are still using Windows? (I dual boot Linux and Windows :)) Internet has revolutionized and changed the way we live daily. On internet we do many things daily, from meeting friends to banking online. Security is [...]

Top Free Anti Malware/Spyware tools to protect your Computer

In my last two posts I talked about some of the best FREE Antivirus and Anti-Rootkit tools available to protect your computer. Apart from these two categories of Viruses and Rootkits , there is a third one which infects your system just like above two. I am talking about Spywares and adwares here. The tools [...]

Infolinks got Infected? Kaspersky thinks so


Few minutes back, i was just navigating m blog Avinashtech as usual and suddenly i found some notification near the task bar by Kaspersky that it blocked some portion of my website page from loading as it suspected some trojan downloader. Instantly i got worried and clicked on the detailed report which showed me something [...]

Blogging Made Simple: Putting Windows Live Writer to the Test


Do you manage one or more blogs? While blogging is fun, managing multiple blogs can become tedious. Not only do you need to regularly post content, each blog has its own login credentials to remember. If you use several different platforms such as WordPress and Blogger, you also have several different Web sites to access [...]

Top Free Anti-Rootkit Software to protect your computer


Just yesterday, I talked about some of the best FREE Anti Virus tools available to you to protect your computer from viruses and other malicious stuff. Today I will talk about some of the best Free Anti-rootkit tools that are available to protect your system. What is Rootkit First of all, lets talk about what [...]