Whatsapp Official Desktop app for Windows and Mac available for download

Whatsapp users have some good news to rejoice for. For quite long time, they wanted an official desktop app for Whatsapp on their Windows PC and Mac desktop instead of using it just on one of their smartphones. Even though a web version is available that can be opened using any web browser, yet a desktop … Read more

Nokia Maps coming to iOS and Android as HERE

One of the exclusive features that were available with Nokia Lumia devices i.e. Nokia Maps is soon coming to iOs and Android devices in the form of HERE. Nokia defines HERE as the world’s first location cloud that delivers a location platform, location content and location apps across any screen and any operating system. HERE is coming to iOS as a HTML5-based app and on Android as HERE Maps API which will help partners develop apps using the API.

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Best Board Games for Android

Your Android phone will definitely bring back your childhood memories of playing board games. Even though we now have left the childhood times far away, it definitely doesn’t imply we can’t have a round of Tic Tac toe or ladders or even snakes. We loved every board game; from a game of solitaire on the long weekend break to coordinating every attack by having an impressive defense in a game of chess.

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Android Phones- Today’s New Trend

Android phones have set a new trend in mobile worldwide. Its craze is increasing among the buyers with each passing day. These are the smart phones with Android technology and consist of several new applications and features. People are fond of these latest Android phones comprising of advanced technology and cutting edge. Its remarkable application downloading capability has made the people amazed and astonishing too. It is supported by Linux operating system.

The Android phones were initially manufactured by open handset alliance and soon after headed to Google. This technology came into existence after Google bought the foremost software manufacturer, Android Inc in 2005. At first, the Android application was manufactured on the Java podium. Then within 2012 it has almost 450,000 applications and above. Later on, it gained worldwide appreciation and praise as the smart phone podium increased.

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