Well, Everytime microsoft start releasing a new operating system, several tools start cropping up which can enable the new looks to the previous operating system to the new one. Same thing is happening with release of Windows 7.
Many of you must have installed vista transformation pack after Vista was released. It was released by WindowsXlive. Same guy has updated that pack to Windows 7 transformation pack and released version 1.0.

The installation on XP wasnt too long just the normal install stuff for any windows user. This setup changes the look and feel of XP by replacing some system files of XP along with use of some third party applications like Vistart.

The transformation pack does a good job although. Its able to change the boot screen  same as that of windows 7 almost along with logon screen and the taskbar.

It Still got the sidebar of vista though which can be disabled in options if you dont like it. This is worth a try for any of you who wana see how windows 7 looks like on your system. But just keep in mind, its just the change in looks not the original windows 7.


Changes in Version 1.0 (From Vista Transformation Pack 9.0.1)
-Added Superbar tweaks for sleek and groupped taskbar item
-Added Windows 7 new wallpaper
-Added Windows 7 user pictures
-Fixed scrnrdr.exe application for being reported as malware
-Fixed WindowBlinds skin detection bug in Welcome Center
-Removed LClock as it doesn’t fit new taskbar UI anymore
-Removed Styler toolbar as it becomes obsolete with ViSplore
-Removed VisualTooltip due to its glitches caused with the system
-Updated battery tray icon
-Updated logon screen with horizontal account list.
-Updated logon startup branding to Windows Seven
-Updated Vista Rainbar’s default background to transparent (without border)
-Updated theming engine to apply themes and automatically
-Updated system to load/save configuration for Personalization
-Updated Transformation Destination information context for better understanding
-Updated TrueTransparency to version 1 with SevenStyle skin
-Updated user account’s optimization settings
-Updated ViSplore with Windows Seven skin
-Updated ViStart to version 2.0 build 3468 (Native mode) with Windows Seven skin
-Updated visual styles to Windows 7 ones called “Windows Seven”
-Updated ViOrb to ViGlance (Superbar emulation)
-Updated Windows 7 icons
-Updated ViSplore and WinFlip to be safe applications

[Download Windows 7 Transformation pack]