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WinRAR Archiver Review and License Key Giveaway

Compressing files easily and effectively can be a big problem if you don’t have any good compression utility. We need compression utilities not only just for compressing them, but they are useful also if you need to send many files, folders instead of just one big file. You can just compress all your files and folders into a single file and then can send it through email if the size permits. Today we will talk about WinRAR which is not only a great compression utility, but it does so many things like locking files, folders with password etc apart from compressing them.

Developer’s description:

RAR is a powerful tool allowing you to manage and control archive files. Console RAR supports archives only in RAR format, which names usually have a “.rar” extension. ZIP and other formats are not supported. Windows users may install GUI RAR version –  WinRAR, which is able to process much more archive types.


  • Highly sophisticated, original compression algorithm
  • Special compression algorithms optimized for text, audio, graphics data, 32 and 64-bit Intel executables
  • Better compression than similar tools, using ‘solid’ archiving
  • Authenticity verification (registered version only)
  • Self-extracting archives and volumes (SFX)
  • Ability to recover physically damaged archives
  • Locking, password, file order list, file security & more …

The Good:

1. Light weight on system resources

2. Right click context menu integration

3. Small installer size, less than 2 Mb.

4. Ability to create Self-extracting archives and volumes (SFX)

5. Ability to recover physically damaged archives, using the recovery record

6. Compared to WinZip the compression is better.

7. Lot of Themes are available.

8. Command line support.

9. Settings could be imported/exported as .REG file.

10. Ability to add Information to the rar file.

11. Continuous addition of new features from the developer.

12. Supports all popular compression formats (RAR, ZIP, WinZip, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZip, UUE, ISO, BZIP2, Z and 7-Zip).

13. Supports data encryption using 128 bit password encryption.

14. The RAR creation Wizard is very simple, and easy to use.

15. Allows different modes of compression such as fastest, fast, normal, good and best.

16. Allows splitting the resulting rar file into several parts based on predefined values or user-defined values.


17. Ability to create Log file.

18. Simple & easy settings.

02 03 04 05

19. Multilingual and support 45 languages.

20. Separate 64-bit Version installer is available.

21. Background archiving to continue work without eating on CPU.

22. Ability to Organize passwords which shows as a drop down list.

23. Ability to generate a report/ print /write to html.





Thanks to WinRAR, we are giving away 10 license keys of  WinRAR to readers of Avinashtech. Just follow the simple rules below to enter in this draw.

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  3. Tell us using comments, why you would like to have a license for this application.
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  • Cool

    Awesome count me I am currently using it too on my machine and it work awesome. Would like to grab a copy and remove that annoying pop up which appear every time I started the Winrar asking me to register to full version xD

    Thank and goof luck guy! 

  • Dacko

    Why do I want a license for this great archiving utility? Simply, it is for me the best utility ( speed, ability to encrypt, simple interface, excellent compression ratio, very good overall file type support …. ). Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck to everyone.

  • Solty_rei10

    gr8! please count me in

  • Anthony

    Great giveaway count me in. I need the software due to the high volume of software’s I test, archive, and decompress. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Shared Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1576331841

  • James

    Please count me in. I dont really have an archiver right now. I need to have winrar on my computer right now. I dont want to use a cracked software of winrar in my computer and Winrar is the best archiver out there in market. Please count me in. I would be very happy to grab a copy of this software. Please. please. please…Thanks in advance…God Bless…..

  • Warren

    this great archiever program. I have but trial license.
    I need to get this license. Love this software.
    Please count me in.

  • Nitirat Suvankasa

    hope me win
    i love winrar
    great compress

  • Daniel

    Nice giveaway! I used it often to compress my file so that I can upload online easily as most uploading site only accept file in rar format. I use it a lot love it so much even though it is free version. Please count me in hope can remove the free version limitation.


  • qwer0

    Its one of my must-have software list, count me in pls 🙂


  • Raghav

    Hi,Please count me in.This is a very useful application.I have been using this ubiquitous software for many years. I would love to use a licensed version !

  • Thegamekiller94

    Include me please

  • Thegamekiller94

    Nice giveaway..GooD Review..I’m in

  • Tanveer sk

    Best and easy to use archiver period.

    I have been waiting for this since so long..pls count me in

  • Alex

    WinRar is one of my favorite programs. Who among us does not use his help on a daily basis? We all know and love him. What can I write more about him? WinRar is a program that will surely be useful for everyone – for me too:)
    Thank you for the contest and sorry for the translation.

  • Guest

    Nice review grr. Enter me in this giveaway as I have herd so much about product and never had a chance to use it.

  • Pier

    I’m really impressed by the features of WinRAR, really powerful…
    Count me in!


  • Pivoman

    I use 7-Zip but WinRar has more advanced backup options.
    Winrar is the best software for compression and decompression files, in my opinion.
    Please count me in.

  • Jef

    Winrar is a great file compression and decompression software, and I would love to have it again, count me in for 1.


  • Isd

    Great giveaway. Please count me also.

  • Alpha

    Everybody knows winrar is the best compression tool so i would love to have it. Please count me avi. Nice review Grr.

  • Tihamér

    Nowadays most of the files you download from the Internet seems to be compressed  with an archive utility, and you need to have at least one of them installed on your computer. Back in the era of Windows 98 Second Edition I used WinRAR, because it was the most popular out there, and everybody used the .RAR archive format. The application was lightweight and pretty much easy to use, and stable as a rock. Don’t get me wrong nothing has changed, it’s still the best compression utility out there. The space that WinRAR uses on your hard drive it’s pretty much minimal, just a couple megabytes. The only downside is that after 40 days you have to register it. The application tells you every time you launch it that WinRAR is shareware and you have to register it, or remove it from your computer. Though back then you could use the program for more than 40 days, you just have to click on the “Close” button. The only limitation back then was the nag screen, and I’m not sure that the most recent versions do the same thing like Total Commander does. There are ways to remove the nag screen by modifying the main executable file, but that is against the terms and conditions, so I don’t do that. 

    There are many free compression utilities out there that are free. I tried several of them, but seems that it’s pretty much hard to find one that matches your taste. I’m pretty much very picky about software, the user interface has to look great, and needs to be logical to use. For instance 7-Zip is a great alternative to WinRAR, but I don’t like how the UI looks. The same thing applies for IZArc and PeaZip. I used all of them, I tested all of them, but I didn’t quite liked one of them. All of them are great alternatives and does the job, but not the way I would like to do.

    ESTsoft back in 2010 offered a free copy of ALZip for everyone who applied for a license key, and I got one once version 8 was finished. I’m using it but rarely. I still miss some features from WinRAR, like amount of tweaking possibilities.

    I did a lot of search until I found a great compression utility, and I’m pretty much happy with it for now. The name of the program is HaoZip. It’s made by some great Chinese people, and it’s very-very similar to WinRAR. A lot of people call it a rip-off, and pretty much that’s what it is. But the UI is gorgeous. Here’s a screenshot so you can see what I mean. Just take a look at it below. The application has full support for compression and decompression of 7Z, ZIP and TAR archives, and can create sub-volume compressed files, self-extracting files, also supports the encryption of the compressed file. 

    Supports RAR, ISO, UDF, ISZ, ACE, UUE, CAB, BZIP2, ARJ, JAR, LZH, RPM, Z, LZMA, NSIS, CHM, DMG, HFS, WIM, DEB, MSI, CPIO, XAR and other formats unzip the file, while supporting a variety of self-extracting file to decompress. So pretty much everything. 

    The perfect support for the mouse drag and drop operations and Windows right-click menu, property sheet shell extensions, just like WinRAR does. 

    Has an internal image viewer, so you can view a picture inside the compressed file directly without extracting image preview. All it’s done on the fly. It’s very similar to WinZip’s feature.

    It supports multi-threading technology, effective use of multi-core CPU, improve the speed of compression and decompression.

    Other features are included like an Image Conversion Tool, MD5 Checksum Tool, Batch Rename Tool, Batch Replace Tool, and a Malware Detect Tool. Oh, and forgot to mention that the application is supports themes.

    But still the number one compression utility I love is WinRAR, and every time I reinstall Windows I install WinRAR to enjoy it for another 40 days. After that I pretty much have to uninstall it with tears in my eyes. It’s such a great program, well written in C++, that it’s available in pretty much all languages all out there. My favorite theme is OrgRar by Pandastudio from another great Chinese guy. 

    So thank you for the Roshal brothers and Avinastech for making this giveaway possible, I would really would love to have a license to this amazing program. Please count me in guys, though I’m pretty much sure that my chances are low. Good luck for everyone.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

  • Vilimh

    It’s a great program,so count on me in this giweaway.Cheers!

  • SambasivaRao Kenguva

    I’m really impressed by the features of WinRAR. It is a robust & very powerful product…Please Count me in!

  • blaster2001

    i like winrar, its file recovery is among the liked features of mine.. especially, high corruption occurs in multi-archived files.. i need this tool badly 🙂

  • Lee

    I use Winzip and 7-zip but this is better and has way more options – count me in!
    Liked and Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/LBCoolG/status/149463183919288320

  • Huynhly00

    Phần mềm này rất hữu ích cho công việc của tôi, tôi mong co

  • Gianckarlo

    WinRAR is the best archive utility, please count me in.

  • Soft

    Thank you for this great software. I think Winrar is so easy to handle, it is a “musthave” for your PC. So please count me in for this contest. Thanks.

  • magno

    Great giveaway. WinRAR is an efficient program to compress and decompress the file.https://twitter.com/#!/1magnoalves

  • KBurleson

    Count me in please!!  I need this software to send zip files in a better way!!  I love Winrar!!

  • Longislandicedz

    this the best compression and decompression files software i ever used in my entire life

  • Congtri2008

    Winrar. Number one. Thanks

  • Hakah

    WinRar is the most useful and ideal tool to manage and control archive files. It can compress folder and file for easy transfer throught email via internet and at the same time decompress it back to its original size.
    Please count me in this Giveaway and thanks to Avinash and Avinashtech.com for organizing such specail Gvieaway Event!

  • Dipayan Mahapatra

    i need it because it is a solid compression utilities software.please count me in.

  • Pachomora

    Hello everybody:

    First of all thanks for this giveaway.

    I would like to win a license because winrar is the best software to compress and decompress files for me.

    Thanks again and good luck for everyone.

  • ibhecks

    This is one giveaway that I was waiting, because winrar has proven to be very good and the most I like is there a 64 bit version.Thanks Avinashtech for this giveaway, I hope I’m lucky

  • MohammadWasiullah
  • Alex

    Really best of the best Archiver software!!! I like this great app. Thanks Avinashtech and RarLab for this great contest and for this chance to win a license!

  • Haclong0901

    please count me

    i want to receive this license

    thanks you very much


  • Grr

    Thanks Avi.

    Please count me in for the giveaway.


  • Hakaw

    WinRar is the best software for file or folder compression and decompression via transfer through internet and in addition it provides password for file/folder security.
    It becomes a must-to-have software for office routine work.
    Please count me in this Special Giveaway Event!

  • Kypros

    It’s thebest archiving program. Count me in 🙂

  • allin77

    My favorite program for archiving. I have an old version of the promotion.
    Super gifts for Christmas.
    Thanks 🙂

  • Pramu

    im a great fan of winrar. good compression tool. Please count me in

  • Dav532000

    Liked, shared and +1, great giveaway.

  • I need this software to manage and control archive files
    very good software I need it plese give me thanks for this giveaway I Subscribe  this  blog to my email and Share this on my Twitter,my Facebookmy facebook nameAyman Asumy Twitter name ayman5845

  • darma

    I’ve used Winrar and I really like it because its fast, lightweight and easy to use. I like to take part in the giveaway. 

  • Kate

    I need it because its the best compression and decompression out.

  • Gspandasmiles

    One of the best software for file compression and decompression. thank you Avinash for the wonderful giveaway .Please count me on.

  • SamChan

    WinRar is the best compression program so far.
    I really need this excellent software.
    Thanks Avinash and WinRar for the great giveaway!

  • Sylnor

    Please count me in. winrar is a great archiving program

  • Nhatvuong

    I like this software because this is very helpful. Please count me in. Thanks.

  • Joe Novack

    WinRAR is one of the best applications for archiving data. It has many useful features as creating archives and adding continuous data recovery. With all its capabilities is extremely lightweight and fast program. Thank you for another fantastic contest! 

  • MAhsan_Saleem

    Really best Archive software. Please count me in

  • Clyde

    Please count me in on this giveaway

  • bala

    Very good grr. Winrar tops my list of favorite archivers, i would love to get a license please count me in. The minimalist interface and no bloatware makes winrar fast efficient and powerful in my eyes. The software has been around a long time and is proven for its efficiency. Please count me in for the giveaway of this wonderful archiver. 

  • Cycle

    This is great to make sending large files easier

  • Frosch Polster

    Definitely count me in! I tried a ‘free trial’ of WinRar and it is superb! Clean interface and extremely fast!

  • John D

    i do not have a license and want to get one. the trial i use is no good for me, so i want a license.

    count me in.

    john d

  • May Thy

    Winrar is a program userful for me because my work relate with file manager, thank you very muck! Please count me !

  • Winrar is a nice archive utility.
     Thank you Grr , count me in please.

  • Jess

    Best archiving program thus far. Truly the only one I want and hope to in.

  • Chandigarhfellow

    Winrar is great software in ts category, simple and smart. Need One
    Twitted here http://twitter.com/#!/pantherchd/status/149505319381381120
    shared on facebook here http://www.facebook.com/pantherchd/posts/237235433016592
    Consider me in the list. Also following you on twitter and facebook as @pantherchd:twitter
    Thanks in advance

  • Asrielrusdyawan

    Please do count me in Dear Avi.
    I really like using this Archive Software. For me Winrar is the best one in doing  Special Job about Archiving Files and Folders!
    Wish to be Luck!

    THX, LJBU!

  • e1scd

    WinRar is the one of the best archiving programs available.  It can unzip archives when others fail.  Count me in.

  • eee

    Like many others said, it’s one of the best of it’s kind. I’d like to upgrade from the v.3.80 I have now. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • briareoushex

    Nice software!
    Count me in.

  • Antbil007

    10x Avi. It is the best software for compression. Count me in

  • phase

    am using winrar 3.62, an upgrade would be nice and appreciated

  • Alan Hazelwood

    i would like the chance of a full license all the best

  • Tester

    This Is the best archiver Software in my opinion. It beats really all other ones. So its ***** small but you can do really a lot of things with it Another important thing is that you can use it on an USB Stick too. So you can use it 4 example 2 help other PC Beginners . Please count me in.

  • Rusira Dulanga

    woow. it’s Top quality and most wonted software. Thanks for This opportunity Avi. Count me in.

    Shared on twitter.


  • Gunnabl8

    I love winrar! I NEED this

  • MichaÅ‚

    Please count me in!

  • DYN1711

    Please, count me in. Thanks

  • all43

    Fantastic software, retweated and liked! Hope to be among the lucky..

  • Leemaek

    WinRar is the best compression and decompression tool which has the ability to create Self-extracting archives and can recover damaged archives using the recovery record.
    Please count me in this Giveaway and thanks to Avinashtech.com for organizing such a Great Giveaway Event!

  • Emt_32

    I really need it.
    I hope to win a license.
    WinRar is the best software for file or folder compression and decompression.
    and excellent work.

  • rysiek z klanu

    I like to win this program because WinRAR is one of the most popular programs designed to compress and decompress data, which creates archives with the extension *. RAR.
    In addition, WinRAR can extract other types of archives, including the popular *. ZIP files.
    No problem also deals with the creation of *. ZIP archives.
    The program offers a graphical development environment, supports drag and drop (drag and drop).

  • fa fabba

    best review and please count me in on the draw.

  • drWoo

    I know very well this app, I already have version 3.80 and I consider it the best in his category of software. Please count me in, I hope to obtain this last version! Thanks, Avinash!

  • jelson

    Another chance to score WinRAR.  Been trying for 2 yrs, problem is it is so coveted.  Maybe I’ll get lucky this time. 

    Nice review and Thanks for the opportunity!


  • Konrad

    Thank you for this great giveaway.
    I think that this is the best compression software.
    I would like to win a license.
    Please count me in.

  • januszg

    please count m,

    thanks …

  • Cory Gordon

    I love WinRAR. Please include me. It offers great compression, better than that of WinZIP. Thanks

  • iPrism

    Thanks Avinash and RarLabs for giveaway.WinRar is a really good file-archiving software.

  • prof_1945

    very good software I need it plese give me thanks for this giveaway
    I Subscribe  this  blog to my email and Share this on my Twitter,my Facebook
    my facebook name
    Ayman Asu
    my Twitter name

  • Joa13
  • Angel Velichkov

    Wow! Great giveaway! Thank you! Currently I am using 7zip that is also very good archiver but if I believe Winrar is still better. A license would be highly appreciated.

  • davhag64

    Nothing beats Winrar. I have 7 zip and although its okay. I miss the old version of Winrar that I have. Just click and open.

  • mike

    pls include me in the draw…tks

  • alfredp625

    Thanks for an excellent review and chance to win a license for Winrar. Without a doubt, it is the absolute best archive software available. I would like to add it to my computer toolbox.

  • Sysabi

    One of the best office software and only one whitch can make rar archive – no more comments. Must have on every computer. I would like to take a part in this contest.
    Merry Christmas for all blogers.

  • Neo

    WinRAR is one of the best application to compress files, I have a shareware version which ends with me on Saturday, I would like to continue to use this application, so if I could ask, I would really ask you to choose me. For me, this program is one of basic programs to compress their stuff among others photos, important documents. Therefore, if I could really ask, I would really ask you for choosing me. I’ll be very happy and it will be for me a very wonderful gift for Christmas.


    Yours cordially Jarek.

  • Its the best archiving program with unbeaten encryption !

  • Grinchjames730

    I just dont really have an archiver and zip file opener. I’m just using the windows explorer to open zip files. I really need this software and I think this is the best software in the market in this category. Thanks for the chance and I’m hoping that I will one of the winners of this giveaway….Thanks Avinashtech….

  • Andy

    Thank you so much for such a nice giveaway. I always wanted to have this product on my pc. It is an all in one product which can archive,compress,extract etc. WinRAR is an elegant and intuitive program, capable of bringing large files DOWN TO SIZE 🙂 Awful puns aside, this is a fantastic program. I think that it is the best tool ever to compress our big files.
    Sorry for my English and please count me in.

  • andhla

    WinRar is simply the best.

  • Mizdoc

    Great giveaway.  Winrar is so much better than any of the other similar programs I’ve tried.  It always comes back to Winrar.
    Please count me in for this.

  • Terieron

    I want to have it because in addition to many great opportunities Winrar is the best and fastest compressor for multimedia files.Automatically recognizes and selects the optimal file compression method.Please count me in for the giveaway & very thanks.

  • abeon

    Why I want to win WinRar, cause it is the best archiver ever.
    Count me in.

  • Thnak you for this giveaway…Count me  in please…

  • KenFalco

    Nice review, Grr!
    Currently I use 7Zip, which is a good compression software archives, but I know WinRar from many years. In particular I am interested to compression algorithms designed for audio and graphics files, so please count me in this giveaway.

  • zame77

    I like to have only the best software in my computer, but some times needs money to do that,but this is my chance ! Thank you !

  • mukesh

    thanks avinash for the giveaway, i have winrar 3.93 ver  count me in

  • Kim

    Count me in please. I would like to compare this with several other archive programs. Thanks 

  • Mayur

    Great giveaway. Winrar is 
    world best compression and decompression software . I really like it. Please count me in. My Tweet: https://twitter.com/sharma1118/status/149721800421548033
    Thank you 

  • Sakshi

    Hii..I ould like to win this..

  • Matt

    Awesome, could use an update.

  • milxxon

    I use an old version of winrar. upgrade would be nice after all is thebest software for compressing and decompressing today. I want to win the current version. 


  • This is cool giveaways… I have been wanting to have a licencse key of winrar, because winrar is the best archive manager i have tried since I started using it few years ago, but having a legit license key is the best gift for this christmas for me 😉

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    5. Thank you for this awesome giveaway.

    Have a wonderful christmas to all.

  • A Patleeva

    I use WinRar for years, thanks for a giveaway.

  • Guest

    Thanks for your great licence giveaway

  • P009

    Winrar archiver is a good utility to compress and encrypt data i would like to get the giveaway .thanks to avinash

  • Sidd

    Thank you so much for this Giveaway.Please count me in.
    I want winrar.Hope i win.

  • Shaileshjoshi111

    hanks avinash for the giveaway, i have winrar 3.93 ver

  • Alper

    Nice giveaway, best archiver i have ever used. Please count me in.

  • Asbleu

    Merci pour l info avinash, j en ai déjà winrar, merci quand même !

  • Maestro

    Another great giveaway, where I can get. Now I use 7zip and strongly want to have WinRar. Count me in. THX

  • Nishar

    Its one of the best compression tool ever…please count me in!!

  • Susan

    Having used previous version makes me want the new version. Count me in. Thanks 

  • Pkt

    WinRAR is a powerful all-in-one archiving solution. It is a very useful software. I’d use it to compress large attachments for my email and to extract compressed files received.Please count me in.  Thanks a lot.
    My tweet :

  • Sandy

    Hi, winrar is a very good software to compress the files and send them by e-mail. Really goog software. Hope to get this.

  • arvindv

    winrar is a great compression software. i like to win winrar because it is the best. count me in.

  • Ryan

    Well i already like you with facebook and i am subscribed. This is a program i could really do with. Keeping my fingers crossed

  • Mohammadeakherati

    Please count me!
    Thank you

  • AK2011

    Thanks for this giveaway and congrats on your Birthday Celebrations!
    WinRAR is fast and easy to use. It has a perfect compression ratio and a repair ability. Already subscribed. So please count me in your giveaway. Luck to all. Thanks in advance.

  • Mary

    Count me i need a decompression software for work please. Winrar is the best at what it does compression and decompression.

  • Ofen

    I have tested already plenty of tools to compress and myself I came to the conclusion that this software can not be replaced no other… WinRar is simply the best!
    Please count me in for this excellent giveaway.

    Thank you and Best regards

  • ischar

    I need the license to upgrade my WinRAR to newer version. Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  • Numpayak

    Thanks for this Giveaway.Please count me in.

  • Damian

    I found out just sie about Your competition. I tested WinRAR and delighted this programme. Not to stand me the shopping of this programme unfortunately. The test version has 30 days, but I noticed his huge possibilities by this time.I used also different programmes to forming archives such given how 7zip. However he did not fulfil my the expectation.WinRAR is just the best programme to the filing of the data according to me. Transparent infrejs has the Omawiany programme, he is the very easy programme in the use thanks to this. Many various formats operate in this obviously which RAR very much he is the most popular. Great wish that WinRAR is such road but there surely worth is one’s price. I would like get very much the licence WinRAR – the splendid present would be this on the star for me. I do not have the account on Facebook neither Twitter now I can not there write about Your competition. I apologize for possible mistakes in the spelling.I wish successes to allI Greet The administration AvinashtechMerry Christmass!!!

  • ReviewsAntivirus

    WinRAR 4 is the newest branch of the popular file compression program recognized as one of the best applications of this type among users worldwide.
    WinRAR supports RAR format and own the most popular ZIP file, and does not fully (ie, only unpacks), CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZip, UUE, ISO, BZIP2, Z and 7-Zip format, converts to TGZ , lets you create self-extracting archives, splitting archives into separate volumes, encryption and password protection.
    Specialized and original algorithms compress text files, graphics and music are one of the key features of WinRAR. People stawiającym first steps of compressing files will love the built-in wizard allows you to reach the basic options (procedure simple questions and answers). Furthermore, WinRAR is an undoubted advantage of the size of the archive service reaching more than 8 billion gigabytes, which is useful in case of a giant resource for compression.
    New in version 4.0Version 4.0 does not bring many new features, but it contains a number of significant improvements – including accelerated decompression of RAR files up to 30%. The manufacturer indicates that the performance changes include both the general algorithm for RAR, as well as special methods for multimedia compression.The improvement should therefore be felt in most cases. Only the module responsible for compressing the text was not changed. Also updated to support UDF version 2.50, so you can now extract ISO images, most Blu-ray. Interesting is also adding support for Windows 7 taskbar, so progress of the operation can be displayed directly on the WinRAR icon.
    Unfortunately, at the expense of evolution is to withdraw support for older Windows systems. WinRAR 4.0 runs only on Windows 2000 and later, the impossible is it to run on systems such as Windows 98 or Windows NT. In addition to these changes in the latest version of the program appeared in several minor fixes and improvements.

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