hi everyone,

Sorry for any inconveniences to everyone who visited the site in last few days. These few days were too bad in terms of the work i had to do to put site back to normal and in working mode.

Finally  its done. In all this i changed some important stuffs in which i create the site or its content and the way i host it. I will just put a summary of those points for anyone who is interested to know.

  1. Initially i use Blogger as the platform for the site and i use a custom domain same as now (Avinashtech.com).
  2. After that i decided to change to WordPress Platform, which is currently used now.
  3. And then i shifted to a free host as wordpress require a host but free host got tons of problems and then i decided to shift to a paid host.

All these things took me 4-5 days to settle off. But finally its done.

You may expect regular dose of tips and tricks again. so cheers. And keep visiting.

Thank you for your support.