With each new operating system entering into the market, many small tools and applications start coming along with it which help you unleash the full power of the operating system. Windows 7 though much simpler and better than previous operating system like Windows Vista, still its complicated enough for novice users to go deep into its settings.

EnhanceMySe7en is one of those utilities for Windows 7, which can help you Tweak, Repair, Optimise,Secure and speedup Windows 7 in just few clicks. It take s care of the registry, disk space and its defragmentation, installed software, HDD temperature and all sorts of things related to system’s health. Also there are lots of other options helping to boost your system’s performance.

tweak windows7With a clean and simple interface it brings you an All-in-One set of powerful and neatly classified tools, settings and tweaks.


  • Process Identification – Identify unrecognized software
  • Start-Up Management – Disable unnecessary software increasing performance
  • Registry Cleaner – Can easily checks your registry and repair incorrectly linked registry entries, automatically remove invalid entries
  • Disk Cleaner – Find out which files or folders engross your disk space and shown with chart
  • Registry Defragmenter – Rebuilds and re-indexs your registry to reduce application response time and registry access time
  • Disk Defragmenter – Reduces the amount of fragmentation in file systems
  • Hard Drive Monitor – Gives the current values of various hard disk parameters such as Temperature, Head Flying Height, Spin-Up Time etc.
  • System Tools, File, Network and Security Tools
  • Security – EnhanceMySe7en has easy to configure security settings for managing the new security features of Windows Vista
  • Optimization – Optimize settings for maximum speed and stability
  • Customization – customize system desktop, menus, toolbar and notifications settings
  • Network – Optimize your Internet connection speed


It lets you manage different aspects of security of Windows 7 all at one place and you can manage them all with just a single click. It lets you manage each and every aspect of Windows setting just on your finger tip. Just select the option you need and apply it. Thats all. No need to find advanced settings deep inside windows or control panel.

secure windows7


It lets you optimize windows 7 by managing memory cache , startups, shutdown, visual effects, hard drives, services and system repair. It helps you optimize them with some preset default options too. You can even manage the the process running in background and kill them too if required just as you do in task manager.

optimise windows7


Overall, its a nice tool if you are using Windows 7. The tool is FREE too( even though it got a paid version too) .Give it a try and you wont regret it.

[Download EnhanceMySe7en]