Many of you often need to see various system properties like CPU load, Memory, Network traffic, bandwidth used, Hard disk utilization etc. There are many small tools and software available for showing you each of these parameters individually, but what if you need to all of them at same time with a single tool or application.

Rainmeter is one such tool which shows you CPU load, Allocated Memory, Network Traffic, Performance data, Uptime, Free disk space and plenty of other stuff all at same time on your desktop. This is a totally customizable resource monitor with skins letting you change the way it looks or your desktop looks.

rainmeterThe installation took more than what i expected due to additional installation of C++ Redistributable libraries which is required by Rainmeter to run properly. Even the initial loading after first startup was slower than expected.


Except the slowness that i experienced with it, other features are great if you like to keep your desktop look different from your default Windows look. The sluggishness stopped me from testing it more. Give it a try and share your feedback.

[Download Rainmeter]