Most of you remember my post about top 15 free VPN services long time back. As the post was written long time back, many of the those Free VPN services either converted to Premium VPN services or they got closed. In today post, we will try to put up the latest Free VPN services which are available and can help you browse the web anonymously and securely. You should keep in mind that these services may have some limitations like low bandwidth, speed restrictions, no technical support etc.

1. UltraVPN – A Free VPN based on OpenVPN

UltraVPN is a free VPN client based on OpenVPN. UltraVPN is a client/server SSL VPN which encrypts and anonymizes your internet/ network connection. It uses a simple interface and you can connect or disconnect it by right clicking on a traybar icon. To start using it, you need to download the UltraVPN free VPN client and then login using your username, password.

It supports Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Also, No connection or traffic logs are kept and hence you should not worry about any logs being kept.

2. PacketiX.NET – academic, non-profit online environment for PacketiX VPN

PacketiX.NET is an academic, non-profit online environment for PacketiX VPN (Premium VPN service) with all its servers based in Japan.Using VPN, you can create private Virtual VPN Hub and can create remote connection to your home network or uniting local networks at different sites.

It encrypts all your Internet data communication  via SSL over a secure gateway server. Creating a Virtual Hub is very easy and can be done easily using the web interface of

3. Gpass Free VPN

GPass is encrypt ysour online data, hides your IP address,can sidestep or bypass content filtering or blocking, access blocked websites etc using number of secure channels to connect you to the Internet. It supports integration with Web browsers (e.g. Firefox), multimedia players, email, instant messengers, download managers, and so on.

GPass is free for personal use within selected countries where unjust Internet censorship is prevalent.

4. Hotspot Shield: Private, Secure & Complete Access to Web!

Hotspot Shield protects your online identity by securing your web session, data, online shopping, and personal information online with HTTPS encryption. It makes identity invisible by hiding your IP address to third party websites and ISP’s.

It supports Windows, Mac Operating Systems including Windows 7 and Mac OSX Lion.

5. Loki Network Project is free VPN service and SSL based free VPN server

Loki Network Project is free VPN service/ server based on SSL. It helps you protect your private data like IP address, e-mail/FTP/HTTP passwords, web-sites visited, uploaded/downloaded files etc. and bypasses certain Internet access limitations you may have at your location.

It redirects all  your data or network packets through the established SSL tunnel to the Loki VPN Server acting as Internet Gateway (NAT).

6. ProXPN

proXPN is a free VPN service which secures your existing internet connection by creating a secure, highly encrypted connection between your computer and the Internet. This secure, highly encrypted connection protects your identity and activity online. No records of your activity are kept (unlike a normal internet connection).

It uses  Military-grade high-bit encryption and makes your internet connection cryptographically secured.

It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7 (32 & 64 bit), Mac OSX 10.5.6 and later. It even works with iPhone, iPod Touch, and Windows Mobile.

7. Securitykiss Tunnel

SecurityKISS redirect all your online data and traffic through an impenetrable tunnel to securitykiss security gateway. bye securing and encrypting the data.

Everything in the tunnel is encrypted so you can:

  • Ensure your passwords, credit card numbers, online shopping and all of your data is secured
  • Protect yourself from snoopers at Wireless hotspots, hotels, airports, corporate offices
  • Protect your data from being intercepted by various network sniffers
  • Protect yourself from identity theft online

8. Free US VPN- PPTP VPN based service

Free US VPN is a Free VPN service that unblocks websites and secure internet access, and keeps no track. End users can achieve guaranteed 2Mbit/s download speed and 1Mbit/s upload speed for each Free PPTP VPN session with no packet loss and very low network jitter; provided their own internet connection supports that speed.

Only issue here is that the Password for free VPN service changes every 12 hours and you need to visit the website to get the new password.

9. Expatshield

Expat Shield is a UK based Free VPN service provider and you get a UK IP address for your system while using it. It hides your IP address,bypass firewalls, secures your web session, data, online shopping, and personal information online with HTTPS encryption.

10. LogMeIn Hamach- hosted Free VPN service

LogMeIn Hamachi is a hosted VPN service which securely connects devices and networks, create secure virtual networks on demand, across public and private networks. It is managed and maintained from anywhere via the web, securely.

Free version of LogMeIn Hamachi can be used 100% free for non-commercial use and is limited to 16 computers.

How many of you ever used a VPN whether its Free VPN or Premium one? Did I missed any Free VPNs? If yest, share it with us and I will update the article.