There are many Addons available with Firefox that do the work of maintaining your bookmarks well, but none of them offer you the ability to sync open tabs, history, passwords, preferences, and Firefox 3’s advanced Location Bar (often called Awesome Bar) data.

Weave is the first Addon doing something like the  things I talked about above and is developed by Mozilla itself. After you install it, It integrates into Mozilla Firefox preferences itself. You need to create a new Weave Account and Use Mozilla Weave server. If you want , you can use a custom server too but thats out of question for most of you guys.

You can create a new Weave account by just clicking on the button. The next screen gives you the form which needs to be filled to sign up. It only lets you use a strong password and wont let you proceed if the password is weak.

You also need to specify a secret phrase in next step which is used to encrypt all your data making it secure. The secret phrase is not stored on the Weave server making the security of the data stored on weave server secure and encrypted. So if you forgot your secret phrase, your data wont be accessible.

All these measures make it secure to store your data on weave server. After signing in, you are given three options for the synchronization of the data. The options include either replace data either on your weave server or your computer and another option is to merge the two data.

Even though I always try not to put my things online, but this one looks full proof with a secure encryption of the data letting you manage your firefox bookmarks anywhere you go. Give it a try.

Get it Here.

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