If you are a IPhone user along with a user of Yahoo Calender, then there is some good news for you. Yahoo Calendar Now Syncs with Your iPhone, which will be great for many of you guys who use yahoo claender and IPhone both.

yahoo_iphone_calendar1Apple and Yahoo! have collaborated to bring you the ability to sync your Yahoo! Calendar with your iPhone Calendar. We’re using an open standard (CalDAV) that has been developed by the CalConnect group, which Yahoo! and Apple are members.

To use this, no download is necessary. You need to follow some simple steps to get started on your IPhone. Just visit this link for these simple steps.

The Mail blog points out some things you should know before you jump in:

Before you get started, there are just a couple of pre-requisites to set up your calendar to sync. First, you have to be running the latest iPhone software (3.0 or higher). Second, by syncing with your iPhone, we will switch you over to the all new Yahoo! Calendar 2.0 (Beta).

Leave your comments and share with us, how it works on your IPhone. As i don’t have a  IPhone , so i cant share my experiences with you here.