Everyone of you including me got loads of applications installed on our system for different stuff starting from the operating system , browsers, small applications, big applications and so on. Most of us forget to update each application to its latest version as we cant manage each of them everytime.

The updates are also necessary to protect your system from the Secuniavulnerabilities associated with different applications which are discovered from time to time. If the vulnerabilities are not patched, then your system may be at risk. To solve this, we need something which can Keep all software’s and installers up to date automatically. Well, Secunia PCI can help you Keep all your software’s and installers up to date with automatically.

This is what the publisher describes it as :

The Secunia PSI allows you to scan, detect, check, and secure the applications installed on your computer. Get an assessment of the applications installed on your computer are they insecure, end-of-life, or patched. The Secunia PSI enables you to secure your applications, and to quickly and easily upgrade to new and secure versions of applications installed on your computer.

After you install it on your system and run it, it scans your system for all apllications that are installed on your system. IT gives you a list of applications installed on your system with the version details of the applications.

Secunia list

It also tells you if you need to install any update or any patches for all applications installed on your system. One of the great feature is you need not find from where to apply the patch or update. It gives you the option to download the patch or update directly.

Secunia patches

The applications runs in system tray without much memory required. It keeps track of any update that you do on your system on any application.

Secunia update

Download it and see for yourself. It does all the stuff automatically keeping your system and all your applications up to date making your system less vulnerable to viruses, trojans etc. Above all , its free to use.

[ Download Secunia PCI ]