One of the problems associated with Windows operating system is that it need constant updates due to new patches and security updates being released almost ever weak due to one or the other vulnerability found in it. That leads to most of guys opting for Automatic updates which installs updates whenever its available.

But with automatic updates, a very irritating problem comes. Most often it requires a reboot/restart of the system. The rebooting is most of the time compulsory and if you are not near your system when the update gets installed, it will reboot on its own after 5 minutes making all your unsaved work lost.

Here’s one way in which you can disable this automatic rebooting of the system. Just go to Start>> Run and then type gpedit.msc.


A Group Policy editor window will appear as shown below. Browse to Computer configuration>>Adminstrative templates>>Windows Update. There, you need to click on ” NO auto restart for logged on —–” .

group policy editor

You need to just enable this setting for disabling auto reboot after every update as shown in the screenshot below.

disable reboot

That’s all. This setting change will make reboot option disabled. Leave your feedback if this works for you or not.