I was not sure whether I should post this or not. But later I thought its better to write this here. The story is bit long perhaps but I will be short here.

First thing first here. I have been a reader of raymond.cc blog for long time may be 2-3 years atleast. I love raymond articles and find raymond to be a great guy when it comes to helping others. The site is very Big and good and It would take me long even to achieve half of what Raymond has achieved with his blog.

Now the story about this post goes on below.

I had a account with raymond.cc Forum some time back with not a so obvious user name. That time my blog was too small  . It was like in infancy. I was not a great contributor to the forum. In between I did posted 1-2 or may be 3  threads related to  some articles on this blog  which prompted some Moderator there to ban me.  So I got banned first time. It was fine till then as I didnt mind being banned as I thought Moderators there got a right to do whatever they wanted to make forums better or they treated my threads as spam.

But then a nasty email arrived in my Inbox (50 counts) from someone in Raymond.cc forum, may be from some moderator . It was too bad in language and I didnt expected that kind of mail atleast from Raymonds.cc forum. Well, What I did after that? I just deleted the mails and forgot about it. I stopped visiting raymond.cc from my bookmarks so that i wouldnt go there even by fault.

After that I never cared to visit the forums there. But thanks to Murphy, another mod there i had to visit the forum again. The reason , he posted a thread about my Winxdvd ripper Giveaway  and i got a decent amount of vistors from raymond.cc forum. So I went there again, to say Thank you to Murphy and for that i created a account. This time with a obvious username “Avinashtech”. I thanked him in the thread for putting it.

Then just a day after, I received a PM from another moderator giving me a warning about the way i behave on forum and other stuff. As I had just posted a thank you message to Murphy and in some other threads, I thought the PM was linked to my sites old reputation at avinashtech. Anyway I still said OK i will not post anything related to my website on this forum and hence didnt cared much abt the PM.

now, this morning when i posted my article about the Big giveaway coming, someone posted a thread about it in the forum and i got to know about it through my wordpress trackback. But suddenly I found that when i clicked on that thread link, the thread seems deleted from raymond forum and also my account being banned from raymond.cc forum.

I made this post just to clarify, this is the last time I would talk about Raymond.cc or its forum here. Also, i wanted to clarify my stand here as I am not going to create any other account on Raymond.cc forum.

I request readers here not to post any thread relating to Avinashtech posts on that forum.

Update :-

It seems the post did make people start finding why I was Banned. Now I know the reason perhaps. It seems that they think I had a nasty fight or something like that in a thread with some other guy. I got the email from the other guy stating all the details and the way they think it happened. Also, Email bomb was not sent my Raymond Mods but the other guy. Read it more here.


I have clarified to the guy too, Except that “email bomb” sent to me, I dont know anything about all the issues they or he is talking about.

There cant be only single Avinash in this whole world. So again, I would say, Its not me who created all tthe nasty conversations there on the forum.

Also I can not stop anyone from posting my articles there at Raymond’s forum.


Quoted from Hellnoire reply at Raymond forum and his answers :

Avinash, the one who started the fight, and Avinash, the one who runs AvinashTech, share not only the same ISP and the same birthday, but they also share the same IP address

Reagrading me having same Birthday, i cant believe as I have never set my correct birthday in any of the forum let aside Raymond. Even if i set the birthday somewhere, it is set to be any value but not the correct one.

I created only two accounts “keeponsmiling” and “Avinashtech”. I bet even those two accounts cant have a same birthday if i had set any in them.

I dont know about 8 other accounts you guys talking about. Just try to match the IPs of these two accounts with others. Even these two may have different IPs as i have a dynamic IP  net connection from the ISP .

If he wants to beg and grovel to get back onto Raymond.cc, to be lucky enough to be one of the ones allowed to post here, he’s wrong

Also, no one here is begging for a account back at raymonds forum as hellnoire puts it. I am happy here and you can keep me along with my site banned at Raymonds forum for life.

If he wants to show his good nature and prove that he is a changed man, then by all means, he can. He can take the first step and clarify that it is indeed the same person. Or he can make it up by saying sorry.

I would have been said sorry at the first instant if i had been even a small part of it and as I hadn’t, so I wont say sorry too.

PS : No Raymond bashing or any other bashing allowed.


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