If you have a Android device or Phone with Wifi, you would not like to use data cables for doing anything over your Android device or PC. Some of you may even forget where your data cable is after sometime. But what to do if you need to transfer files from PC to Android Phone or vice versa? Should we use the cable to connect the two devices? Cant we use our existing Wifi Connection to transfer the files either from PC to Phone or vice versa? Using a App Swiftp available in Android market for free, it is possible to do that. Today we will talk about how to set that up and use it.

Developers Description

SwiFTP is an open-source FTP server that allows you to connect to your phone over wifi or cellular/3g to upload and download files. Any FTP client can be used.

Just search swiftp in Android market and download it on your device. Install it. You need to set it up on your phone and start it for Shareing, transferring or even managing your files between Android Device and PC over WiFi using any FTP client on your PC. Swiftp basically creates a FTP server on your phone and you can connect to it using a ftp client like Filezilla from your PC.

You need to set a username and password in SwiFTP settings which will be used for logging in using a FTP client from your PC. You can set it up as per your needs. Its too easy. Make sure “Accept connections from WiFi” is checked. That’s all and you are done.

When you are done with it, just click start button from SwiFTP. After this you can see the status of swiFTP server as running (start button turns into Stop button). You will also get a WiFI URL like or something similar which you need to open using the FTP client on the PC.

Now just use a FTP client like Filezilla on your PC, type the Wifi URL in the client and login useingthe username, passwords you just created. Now you can easily trasnfer files between Android device and PC. You can even delet files on Android device if you want. It gives you full write access to the device.

Even though this app is updated almost a year back, it still works great without any issues. If you need to share or transfer or manage your files from PC to android or vice versa, go get this app from Android Market or use the URL below.

Download Swiftp