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Sandboxie: Install, run programs in a virtual sandbox environment [Review+ Giveaway]

Just few days back we covered Returnil System Safe which provides a Sandbox kind of protection to your system including anti-virus capabilities. Today we will talk about Sandboxie which lets you install and run programs in a virtual sandbox environment by isolating them from the real computer and hence preventing them from making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer.

How Sandbox works


  • Secure Web Browsing: Running your Web browser under the protection of Sandboxie means that all malicious software downloaded by the browser is trapped in the sandbox and can be discarded trivially.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Browsing history, cookies, and cached temporary files collected while Web browsing stay in the sandbox and don’t leak into Windows.
  • Secure E-mail: Viruses and other malicious software that might be hiding in your email can’t break out of the sandbox and can’t infect your real system.
  • Windows Stays Lean: Prevent wear-and-tear in Windows by installing software into an isolated sandbox


Installation of the application is quite simple without any complicated configuration needed. When you run it for first time, it will detect applications like your Antivirus solution, Acrobat reader, Browser & many other applications, on your system and apply the compatibility settings for those applications to Sandboxie on its own.


The user interface is too simple and this simplicity may confuse many users on how to use it. So in one way, this too simple interface can be bad for many users. Even though it creates a shortcut for “Sandboxed Web Browser” in sandbox on your desktop, you need to use the program interface to run any other application under sandbox.


You need to just right-click on ” Default Sandbox” and then you will find options for running different applications including web browser, Windows explorer or any other applications along with other options like settings, recovery option, or exploring it plus few more.

Sandboxie applications running with options

Every application that runs inside sandbox environment is labeled as [#]———–[#] even inside the application and as the title of the running application. Also each sandboxed application is shown wrapped in a yellow rectangular box around it making it easy for you to distinguish them from normal applications.


Apart from applications, you can even use this application for sandboxing files and folders on your system.

Isolate files and folders


You can run any application inside it by browsing for the application file and running it. If by default that application is not being added as compatible with Sandboxie, you can add them from the options window. You can add almost any application using this and the application will then run fine if it is not added or detected during the Sandboxie install. As you can see from the screenshot below, it has a big list of applications separated by categories.


Thanks to tzuk , we are giving away 7 License keys of Sandboxie to readers of Avinashtech. Just follow the simple rules below to enter in this draw.

  1. Subscribe to Avinashtech by entering your email address in the subscribe box on right sidebar of the blog or by clicking this link. Do remember to verify your email address when you get the verification email from Feedburner.
  2. Like the Facebook Fan Page of Avinashtech (If you don’t have a Facebook account you can skip this).
  3. Tell us using comments, why you would like to have a license for this application.
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About the author: A Mechanical Design Engineer by profession, but passionate about Computers, software and anything that helps to learn something new or different. Love to do things which i don’t know and dive into unknown territories.

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  • Anthony

    I would like the license because I test a lot of programs and some are questionable. This would allow me peace of mind (better security). Thanks for the giveaway and hope to win a license. 

    Shared Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1576331841

  • SamChan

    I like Sandboxie, so I hope I’m lucky in this giveaway 🙂
    Thanks Avinash and Tzuk for the giveaway!

  • John Matt

    wow. count me in for this excellent product.

  • syed hussain

    Sandboxie-it helps to do Secure Web Browsing,protects Privacy & also allows to run any windows application in an isolated environment to protect one’s pc from virus attacks,would recommend it to every windows pc user.these are the most essential reasons to get a license for this application.thanks.

  • jelson

    Major awesomeness!!  Sandboxie Rox, especially with used in conjunction with Buster Sandbox Analyzer ==> install & run a program within Sandboxie and BSA will report what it did, changes in system & most importantly & uniquely what changes in registry were made.

    Great app!  count me in


  • Dioden


    Give me a try..

  • A Patleeva

    Sandbox-like software is indispensable for software exploration and experiments in virtual environment. Hope I win …

  • Angel Velichkov

    Hey, another great giveaway! Thank you! Please count me in!

  • Des

    Another really nice giveaway.
    Please include me because I visit too many dodgy sites and need added protection:)

  • Corno

    Cool software giveaway, highly appreciated. Count me in please.

  • Great software. Sandboxie is the ideal program to protect my computer. Especially against viruses. I need this soft a lot.
    Thnx for giveaway. Count me in, please ;D

  • bala

    Please count me in for this giveaway. Hope i win a license. This is one of the best sandboxes out there.  ITs comapct size and non intrusive nature makes me prefer it over bufferzone. 

  • shubh

    Brilliantly conceived security software! To be perfectly honest, once
    properly configured, this is the only security software needed to
    protect one’s pc.
    great giveaway!

  • May Thy

    I know this program but I have no license to use it, thefore I uninstalled it after trial expired. Please give me a license code 🙂

  • Murphy

    Been using the freeware version. Hope to win a licensed copy to have the capability of creating multiple sandboxes.

  • Asrielrusdyawan

    Please count me in Dear Avi.
    I want to use SandBoxie to secure my operating system from “the outsiders”. Too many unidentified files in the NET. That’s why I need this super tool to protect me too.

    THX, LJBU!

  • Guest

    Always downloading and trying new programs so Sandboxie would be a great software program to have. Please include me in this giveaway.

  • Matt

    Thank you for the nice contest. Sandboxie is a great program to test new programs. The program running in the sandbox will not cause harm in the real system. With the browser running in the sandbox do not have to worry about viruses. Sandboxie is one of the most
    useful programs on the market. I’d like  to have it on my computer 🙂

  • YamanTakish

    Please count me in for this one too.


  • pistoluser

    1)Secure Web Browsing
    2)Enhanced Privacy
    3)Secure E-mai
    4)Windows Stays clean
    please count me in


    awesome application. sandboxie provide great help of secure web browsing. maintain privacy especially history and cookies and email related risk.
    the best is Sanboxie provide sandbox for installing application/software on PC. it is very helpful when your antivirus tell that the file unproven as in case of Norton.

    count me for Sandboxie. thanks for giveaway

  • Warren

    I would love to get this license because, secure my system as always.
    when surfing on internet (sandboxed browser) also keeping always my privacy, and we can trying install a program on it for testing. thanks for giveaway sandboxie ,and for review avinash
    Count me in.

  • citex

    SBIE is the best security software imho.. better than having AV.. count me in..

  • Tihamér

    Sandboxing is a really a great application. It pretty much does what is says. Mr. Tzur with his coding skill did a masterpiece software. It was coded in a powerful programming language (C++). The user interface it’s clean, and pretty much straight forward to understand and use. Sandboxie is a beast, and no other software does sandboxing better then this amazing program. I love that now it’s now compatible with 64-bit operating systems, so now there’s nothing need to worry about. It’s multilingual so other people can understand it as well from all around the world. Downloaded the trial version a year ago and used it, but I had to uninstall it with tears in my eyes. After 30 days you get a nice little pop-up that offers the full version for a small fee. Tho not many people can afford it, and that was the reason that I had to uninstall it.
    I would love to have a license key, tho I’m pretty sure that my chances are pretty much low, but oh well. Count me in!

  • Sunilkmadam

    Great giveaway.Nice offer.Thanks.

  • Haclong0901
  • Cycle

    A very useful application with a lower overhead than VMware to enable trialing of potentially useful but potentially hazardous new applications without risking your working PC setup.

  • drWoo

    I often install many programs in my computer… it will be nice to have a sandbox for some of them which I consider unsecure and untrusted. Please count me in the drawing/ Thanks!

  • Suetonius

    Another interesting review and giveaway. Thanks a lot and please count me in. I would like to win one of these licenses. Best regards

  • Jdpv007

    I think this is a great software to use. Hope to win this one. I would love to try using this one.. Thanks for the chance….

  • Antbil007

    Sandboxie – the best application, allows me to experiment with some programs. Please count me in. 

  • Gianckarlo

    Great software and excellent giveaway, please count me in

  • Jef

    Sandboxie, count me in.

  • SK

    Count me in..

  • selipar biru

    Wow…nice giveaway..
    Great tools for run any suspect applications…
    Please…count me in…

  • k19s

    Hi, Sandboxie is awesome, have used this excellent software in the past to test different apps in a sandboxed environment. I would like to win a license.


  • Lee

    Sandboxie is one piece of software I would really like to own! I have read so much about it and used the free version in the past and think it is a fantastic and innovative piece of software. I would love to use this to run new software in a sandboxed environment and to watch web videos and view powerpoint presentations in safety – please count me in the draw!  

  • MohammadWasiullah

    Thanks for sandbox this is really great.
     I hope this time i will be winhttps://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=215108701909463&id=100002366387231 

  • Zummer

    For the key to this program is worth fighting

  • Cool

    Sandboxie is the best sandbox application in my humble opinion, and it is far ahead most of its major competitor in comparison of performance and usability, so yeah it will be awesome if I could grab one for myself here to help me surfing in a safer environment.

    Thank for this giveaway and please do count me in! Highly appreciated for this kind offer.

  • Dacko

    This excellent appliacation I use for many years as an unregistered version. Sandboxie is so small and very powerful in protecting the system. I would like to use the full, registered version of this program. I hope to get a license.  Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck to all.

  • Shime69

    I use free version for sandboxing browser and some suspicious programs. Sandboxie is one of my favorite programs wich I using for years. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  • Daniel

    Thank for this great software. Sandboxie would really help me to protect my system whenever I wanted to try a new stuff in my PC which could be a possibility of inflicting a damage to my system and this is when Sandboxie could be come in handy for me! Running in virtual mode mean that I will be ensure of safety and able to undo the setting whenever thing goes wrong.

    Thank for this again and please do count me in!

  • darma

    I wish to participate in the contest. Sandboxie is great for me because I frequently test out programs and don’t want to my OS to be affected by any changes. Thanks.

  • Bero

    Sandboxie ( free version ) I have been using for years. For isolation browser to launch and testing of small applications. I would be nice if I got a license and could use all the possibilities that this offers a great program.

  • Jacky

    Cool giveaway this is one of the must have security software to enhance our system protection! Is is essential especially for a guy like me who constantly download and run lots of stuffs in my system which in case if there are any problem with the file, and this is where Sandboxie would come in help, allowing us to run on virtual isolation mode. This is a very good offer I would like to be included on the giveaway list.

    Thank you for this giveaway and wish all the best to you guy here.

  • Steven George

    Sandboxie is a great software for keeping us safe while browsing and doing our activities in our system. It offer an extra layer of protection where most antivirus and equivalent security suite could not provide, the safe virtual mode. I am currently using BufferZone Pro as a free alternative to this, but I would love to have Sandboxie becasue BufferZone Pro that I am using are keep on crashing though I am not sure where the problem lies, it could probably due to the incompability of my 64-Bit system that I am using. Sandboxie also hell lots lighter and use lesser of my system resources too which is great.

    Please do count me in! Love to have this one for for my laptop.

    Cheer and good luck to all participant! 🙂

  • RDC

    I test a lot of new software every day…some times with undesired results. This would keep my A** safe. lol The system I have been using is leaving me with a “open” feeling when testing software. Is it working is a question I would never have to ask with Sandboxie.
    Great review and giveaway, please count me in for this.

  • Super. Jr

    Finally it Sandboxie! I had been waiting all this while for this giveaway for this brilliant software and here is my chance to grab myself one. Thank for this giveaway really appreciate this giveaway. Please count me in and just subscribed to news feed 🙂


  • Zazy_xxx

    Sandboxie is great for me because help me to protect my system whenever I wanted to try a new stuff in my PC.Thank you for this giveaway

  • Sebastian

    Thank for this giveaway please do count me in I would like to use it to run on my system in virtual mode. This is a real awesome software. Please count and let me in this contest. Thank you.

  • Alpha

    Since i haven’t won’t anything from this year’s ABC, so i am participating in this giveaway. Sorry i don’t have any other reason to participate :D. Anyway please count me, thank you.

  • Great review Avi  as I mentions earlier i do install lot of 3d app and few of them are warez ( because i can’t afford the m, as the price is quite high ) so I may have more chance to get infected even i i don’t use crack or keygen, sometimes few of trials are compiled with viruses , therefore its safe to use them in a virtual environment by using sandboxie .

  • Alan Hazelwood

    used free version with avira clashed with 64 bit ok with 32 bit

  • couliouri

    since i am loyal user of sandboxie for years and i have found it precious i would like to have a pro license instead of free that i am using.

  • apn58

    I wish to participate in the contest.

  • john d

    please give me a license as it will protect my system. very good to have.

    john d

  • RizSid

    Wud luv to have one for my system. Count me

  • Joe Novack

    Sandboxie is a very good security software against system infection. All programs run under its control are isolated from the rest of the system, so that they can not do any damage. The great advantage of Sandboxie is a high compatibility with 64bit systems, thanks to the Experimental Protection. Thanks for the giveaway, please count me in. Good luck to all participant! http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=248912355179855&id=100001832763969 http://twitter.com/#!/tzpc/status/157143979023015936 

  • Sidd

    Count me in.

  • Ramgopalagarwal

    A wonderful and must have program for everybody who wants to stay safe and secure. I
    thank Ronen Tzur for giving us such a nice program.I have been using sandboxie
    since 2004 and as of today I am using version 3.62.(the free version). The
    Sandboxie runs your programs in an isolated space which prevents them from
    making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer. So When I
    browse on the net  I am rest assured and filled with confidence that no malware
    can touch me and I dont have to deal with them anymore. I really know that I am
    safe from the marauders of the net: The malwares. spywares and all sort of
    nasties, My experience says that the main source of malware is the net and if
    you know how to use sandboxie properly with your browser nothing may happen to
    your system through the net.

    Moreover I use Sandboxie to check out any unknown software for security or
    games I want to check, so keeping my system lean and

    So, I say to all that please think no more just go and install sandboxie and be
    tension free.

  • kirks

    Hi, thanks for this nice giveaway,please include me.
    I like Sandboxie to keep my PC malware free and always clean.

    my tweet:https://twitter.com/#!/underkirk/status/157165220425510912

  • GS

    Hi Avinash,

    Thank you (and Tzuk) for such a great giveaway. Please count me in.

    I share a computer, so the ability to force programs to run sandboxed, which is only available in the  licensed version of Sandboxie, would really help me out.



  • Darko

    Sandboxie is an excellent security programs. I use this programs for testing many applications. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Phil

    A great and needed product.Count me in. Thanks

  • Giveawayday

    Count me in.

  • Michal
  • allin77

    I’m using and I am very pleased this program. License to an end and I would like to win a new one.
    Thanks Avi !

  • Have

    Best site! Good giveaway! Good program!
    Give me.
    Best regards!

  • Simoncbs2

    I have always used the free version, and would love the extra flexibility of the full version, particularly the extra automatic sandboxing capabilities. Firefox is my default browser, and the free version can automatically sandbox it, but it is Internet Explorer that I would actually like to would run sandboxed. As it is not my default browser, I would need the full version to do this.
    So please count me in, thank-you!
    Best regards, Simon.

  • constantine

    Have used the paid version for a year and it has expired last November 2011. A lot has been said and some security applications made their own “sandbox” application but REALLY nothing comes close to Sandboxie still. SBIE is by far the best light virtualization application out in the market today and it has a growing follower number now. I like the way it helps you test software in a sandbox. You can do a test install in a sandbox (all internet blocked). You can also test and scan suspicious files inside the sandbox and it won’t escape the sandbox as it will contain it (well, provided you do not restore it to the pc host –tick “automatically delete contents of sandbox”. All in all a very very worthy complement to any pc.

    Too bad I got no license anymore and I’m stuck with the free version again. Very limute as you cannot force folders/programs etc.  Please count me in for the giveaway 🙂 Really, REALLY, REALLY NEED ONE PLEASE 🙂 And oh, congratulations!

  • Cheff Field

    Sandboxie is extra security layer! I’m using free version. Thanks for giveaway 🙂

  • damien

    OH GREAT GIVEAWAY! Just the app I need !!!! Kindly count me in. My license has already expired and now I am using the free version. Have tried to use Bufferzone Pro but ran into problems with my resident firewall. Sandboxie has no conflicts with any software and is very effective especially protecting your browsing habits.

    Forced Programs or Forced Folders options is superb so you can save or drop any files that you think is suspicious and configure that sandbox to not allow any connection out and limit access control. Sandboxie stops kernel mode drivers from loading into the operating system, and stops the loading of application (Known as Win32) hooks into other programs. This protection is a key in protecting your operating system.

    This is one hell of a application! Frequently challenged, frequently imitated but not surpassed! Great job to Tzuk for making and developing this application! Please consider me 🙂

  • damien

    I forgot, NICE THERE Mr. Author 🙂

  • briareoushex

    Good software!
    Count me in.

  • Guest

    I have a free trial for me to try this Sandboxie. I want one. Thank you!

  • I’d like to win this program, because I can safely open all websites, as well as to test their programs without instillation permanently.
    Just two clicks, and everything I have removed.Count me in.

  • abeon

    I’m dreaming about this app. Really would like to win a license.

  • acuariano

    The greatest security application,sandboxie is a gem,even with default settings.
    thanks Avinash and tzuk for this great opportunity

  • dinosaur07

    this an excellent software i used it in the past. reliable, safe &secure. great opportunity to win a license so count me in. thanks.

  • milxxon

    sandboxie is an excellent software. The greatest security application.

  • Nathan

    The result of one man’s vision and technical ability to challenge the paradigm of traditional heavy-handed tactics in the fight against malware [virus definitions, heuristics, behavior blockers] and utilize smart and original approach for delivering a complete peace of mind.

    If copying is the sincerest form of flattery, Ronen Tzur should be immensely flattered – a look at the heavyweight security software vendors employing his ideas [virtualization / isolation] nowadays includes names like avast!, BitDefender and Comodo…

    Nimble, unassuming and so unbelievably effective at the same time.

    The free version has served me well for so long and the minimal limitations it has over the paid edition [no multiple sandboxes open at the same time, no forced programs and folders, 5 second pause at start] do not impact its strong credentials. 

    Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to all participating!

  • Alex123

    If you know how to set it up properly.. it is leak proof and the best protection you can have.You need to to read up on how to set it up if you want to use it properly.I use the free version on all my computers and nothing has gone past it in my three years of using sandboxie.Thanks for a nice giveaway.

  • arvindv

    sandboxie is a great software. i like to try softwares in sandboxed version. Count me in. Thanks.

  • Glib

    This software is great to use. Would be happy to win one…

  • Sibelenk

    i like to try new apps..
    so i very need this software….
    thanks before…

  • Gargi2221

    Great contest! I use Sandboxie mainly every day when I test the newest malware on my PC. Please count me in.

  • nagelfar

    That’s a really fine giveaway, tank you !
    I’ve been using Sandboxie (free version) for a few months now and must say that it certainly proves efficient in safer web browsing.
    I would love to be able to use Sandboxie’s full potential, so please count me in !

    Good luck to all  : )

  • SinoTiger

    Its a great software and must have for every pc,so I need this key badly. Thanks for the opportunity, please count me in.

  • chankz22

    count me in………..thanx for this giveaway! :) 

  • Mokry

    I would like to win this Pro version, since I using free and I love it.

  • Fbaab

    Count me in.

    Thanks  for this great Giveaway.

  • Dave

    I am a software junkie who tries out new software frequently.  The full version would be a great help.  Thanks for the giveaway…

  • RushArt

    Because it’s the almost perfect security program and safe environment to play with.

  • Soft

    Thanks for this great giveaway. Thats realy the best virtual sandbox.
    Please count me in for this.

  • Matt

    Could use this, looks nice and easy.

  • L F

    Thanks for this very useful giveaway.
    I often install new software, so Sandboxie is a good help in order to avoid security problems and also to have my computer free of the ones I don`t like.

  • Ernie Sampson

    This is first rate software. I have used the free version of Sandboxie for years, and enjoyed it’s security. I would like to enter the draw for the licensed version . Thx, Ernie Sampson

  • BlogWurm

    Sandboxie is an ideal application for testing software.
    Furthermore it enhances system security through virtualization.
    So I hope to win.
    Thanks for the review and this giveaway.

  • KenFalco

    Soundboxie is a great software. I’ve tried the free version and it is very useful, so I like to win a license.
    Please count me in.

  • Grr

    Thanks Avi for the giveaway.

    Please count me in..my last try to win…boooooooooooooooo


  • Gogh

    Feel safe when browsing if using browser sanboxed.
    this really useful software and mush have for me and all users.
    sandboxie never fail for me, always does great job.
    thanks for review and giveaway avinash.
    Count me in


    sandboxie is the best for online and PC security, Simple to understand and use.  No need to spend your time on what to block on web browser. Provide sandboxed for email threat security.
    A program everyone love to have on its desk.
    thanks avinashtech
    count me

  • Pss0612

    Bardzo chciałbym wygrać ten program , ponieważ jest lekki, a ja mam starego komputera programu antywirusowego , dla których klasyczny jest zbyt ciężki. Z Sandboxie i mądry procedury tak mogę przenieść się jakbym miał średniej klasy komputer , który znacznie ułatwia codzienną pracę . Dzięki chłopaki za wielki konkurs i życzę wszystkim powodzenia .


    I would love to win this program because it is light, and I have an old computer, the antivirus program, for which the classic is too heavy. With Sandboxie and wise procedure so I can move like I had a mid-range computer, which greatly facilitates the daily work. Thanks guys for the great contest and I wish all the success.

  • Therrc84

    First, thank you Avinash for this giveaway.
    I would like to win one SandboxIE license since I free version of SandboxIE from long time I think this is amazing application.
    SandboxIE offers outstanding level of protection I really would like to use paid version because of freeware limitations.
    Please count me in.

    Thank you once again Avinash!

  • iPrism

    Thanks Avinash and Tzuk for the Sandboxie paid version license giveaway.I would love to use the license for automatic sandboxing of different browsers and creating more than one sandbox at the same time which are available in licensed version only.

  • The Invincible

    Nothing can be compared to Sandboxie’s protection capability.Use Sandboxie  to feel safe and secure rather than worrying about viruses and antiviruses.

  • Pivoman

    I use it with drop my rights, delete sandbox on exit and restricted
    start/run as well as restricted internet access to some programs.
    Great software, please count me in, thanks.

  • MCT

    Thanks for this giveaway. Sandboxie is a great application. I’ve already tried the free version and it is very useful to test programs, so I would like to win a license. Please count me in. Best regards

  • mrcapncaveman

    Great software, Count me in for sure! I try lots of software before I purchase it. This program is a great way to save on registry cleaning  and such.

  • ibhecks

    This is a giveaway that I was looking for, great hopes to be one of the winners of this giveaway

  • NickHell123

    Great giveaway count me in.

  • Giovanni77

    WOH….Fabulous FREEBIE!!
    I’d like to win a license of this amazing application because, as a heavy downloader, I’d like to set my mind at rest whenever I want to test an unknown software or game within my machine.

    And SANDBOXIE is one of the best virtualization security apps ever released so far, thanks to its clever idea to create a sandbox-like shield capable of totally isolating users’ browser and OS from any kind of online threat they may run into while surfing the web.
    This means that, if I had SANDBOXIE installed in my machine, I could visit any website,  download any app or game,  use instant messengers or even open suspicious email attachment or links in a totally isolated environment of my HD, leaving the registry of my system completely free from malware.

    How cool is that??

    Please count me in your contest.



  • Edek

    This looks great, can you count me in please

  • Jdpv007

    This is a nice software to have. Others considered it as a must-have. Hope to win one of the licenses….

  • Tom_jo69

    Hope to win one. This is a good software recommended by my friend…

  • Jam

    Please count me in. This is a nice software….

  • Rich

    Please count me in this great giveaway.

  • Laptop57

    Need sandboxie to try out all these GOTD freebees! Thanks!

  • ToGor

    Sandboxie = safe operation of my computer.Count me in …Thx Avi … :)https://twitter.com/#!/To_Gor/status/160151886064926720

  • dhaval8

    sandboxie is good for testing software for me. count me in. thanks.

  • Kite_Pan

    Great software!!! Please count me in.

  • Suetonius

    Thanks for giveaway. Sandboxie is great. Please count me in. Regards

  • Pistillino

    Really fantastic! I have the free version, but I would like to use the full features of Sandboxie, so please count me in !

  • pkghosh

    I desperately need Sandboxie license to enjoy the full benefits. I want to run very many programs I check and use in a very very safe environment.

  • Andreas

    Thanks for giveaway. Great software. Sandboxie is the perfect program to protect my computer against malware.  Please count me in. Regards

  • AstroSkipper

    Awesome giveaway. Best protection to try out unknown programs.  Please count me in. Thanks a lot

  • Paule

    Great giveaway. Sandboxie is an excellent protection software against harmful programs. I use this program for testing unknown applications. Please count me in. Thanks in advance

  • SeniorRaul

    I am using the free version but I find it limited as I cannot try some applications or use the force programs. There are limitations that are more needed for persons like me for testing software or checking out files prior migration to the host computer. I tried Bufferzone before but went back to Sandboxie free as it was conflicting with Online Armor free. Count me in for this giveaway please. Thank you for hosting a giveaway like this.



    When will be the draw date…?

  • AK2011

    Great giveaway. Sandboxie is very good for testing software. Please count me in. Regards

  • Aakash

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