Till now we have always covered Antivirus and security solutions which work on the concept of catching viruses before they infect your system or removing them if the system is already infected by using a vast database of  virus definitions or community Cloud data. Today we will talk about a different approach to secure your system.

Returnil System safe uses a Virtual Mode feature which clones your real system partition or operating system (usually the C:\ drive) and prevents changes from being made to the real system by creating a virtual environment for your PC. In simple words, its like a dream system where anything bad can happen but when you woke-up you will find that everything is all right.

During the installation, it scanned critical areas of the system and that finished pretty quick if you compare that to a pre-install quick scan from normal Antivirus solutions..

It creates a virtual environment and hence whenever the system is used while Returnil System safe is installed, every activity that is done done on the PC including opening of applications or online browsing or anything else, all these activities occur actually on the cloned virtual environment instead of your actual system. This in turn keeps your system safe from viruses, Trojans, malware and other malicious threats.

It includes a fully functional antivirus and antimalware component which uses local signatures and policies along with cloud based AI/machine learning technology to provide you zero-day detection and remdiation of malware . The protection is a real-time protection. The best part: it can co-exist perfectly on your system along with your existing security solution.

You can enable this virtual mode to start with your system if you wish. But my recommendation, you should use it only when you need to. The reason, during virtual mode you must make some adjustments to save files and data as unless you do those adjustments, all changes to the system partition will be lost at restart of the computer. So whats the workaround for this problem? It is recommended to change your other program settings so that all your output or data is saved on a non-system drive or partition i.e on any partition on which your operating system is not installed.

Note:- You must have at least ~4GB of Hard disk space free or available for running this virtual mode.

As this Virtual mode may not be active for 100% of the time and hence you may need something else too in case of some infections. You can use the inbuilt system restore component instead of the conventional Windows System restore. It can either restore your full system or a partial recovery for restoring your data, files or some application settings. Even during the process of system restore, it will check the snapshot for any malicious threats and inform you if it is clean or not so that you can make a better decision before restoring your system to a particular old snapshot.

Features in Brief

  • Complete protection from both known and unknown viruses and other malicious software
  • Eliminate Trojans, viruses, adware, spyware and undo unwanted changes with a simple restart of your system
  • Real-time protection on-the-fly
  • Non-intrusive virus scan – automatically adjustable resource usage based on computer’s
  • Retain changes to your documents and other frequently edited content
  • No need to defragment or optimize your hard-disk
  • Protect your system while you are surfing or working in “the cloud”
  • Roll back your system to a previously clean state and eliminate all infections
  • Master boot record protection


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