Most twitter users sometime or the other had to face issues like too much twitter noise with hash tags when a event is going on or two many useless tweets from users in their list temporarily or too many tweets from users who use twitter for chatting sometimes or spam based on keywords or hash tags. Neither Twitter nor does any twitter client on different platforms provide you with any option to filter these tweets which if provided is a great feature.

Proxlet is a great Chrome addon which provides you with this feature. Using Proxlet you can take control of your twitter stream by muting noisy users, by blocking annoying Foursquare check-ins, by hiding tweets based on hashtags, filtering tweets from chatty users and much more. This excellent chrome addon even supports twitter clients on different platforms like  Twitter for iPhone, Tweetdeck Desktop, MetroTweet, Twidroyd, Spaz, and more.

To start using it you need to install this chrome Addon or extension. After that you need to authorize this to access your twitter account just as you do with any other third party app for twitter. Now, next time you login to twitter inside the chrome Browser, you y will find a additional button called Proxlet tab just at the end or just beside the Reply button.

Just right click on that Proxlet button and you will find loads of commands in the window that pops up which can be used to filter tweets based on hash tags, or twitter username or mute user or hash tags temporarily or permanently.

As we said earlier, that it supports many twitter clients too. You can just add a Proxlet custom API URL to the twitter client and you can use it to  Filter twitter noise, mute users, filter tags, and block apps in your twitter stream.

You can use the URL links below to configure your twitter client to use Proxlet.


 Twitter for iPhone


Apart from these clients, the setup instructions are almost similar for other clients which support it. Basically you just need a way to add the custom API URL to the client which can be found here. (The link wont work unless you are signed into proxlet using twitter)

If you want more advanced customisations, you can even do the following with the help of some scripts available here. (The link wont work unless you are signed into proxlet using twitter)

  • Remove all automated Foursquare tweets from your timeline.
  • Block all automated SCVNGR tweets from your timeline.
  • See only updates containing links from selected users
  • Give you the power to selectively block annoying apps
  • Only tweets that contain links are visible. (Except mentions & direct messages)
  • Give you the power to selectively mute users, hashtags, or apps for a duration you specify, or forever!

Get the Proxlet Chrome Addon.