Restore is an essential part of everything that we do on our system whether online or offline. Restoring your old or stable data using different methods gives you peace of mind if you have a backed up copy of your critical data at a safe place.

Thanks to Gmail aka Google, now you can even restore your full Gmail contacts list to an earlier saved version. This restore feature allows you to revert your contact list and undo any mistakes made up to 30 days in the past.

This particular feature is helpful if you deleted some contacts accidentally, or a sync failed or a import or merge didn’t gave favorable results.

To restore your contacts to a previous version within 30 days time period, just follow these steps:

  • Click Contacts.
  • From the More actions drop-down menu, choose Restore contacts.
  • Choose the time you’d like to revert your contacts list to (e.g. 10 minutes ago, one hour ago, one week ago, etc). We suggest that you also make a note of the time that you restore your contacts, in case you’d like to return to where you started.

  • Click Restore. You’ll see a confirmation at the top of the screen when the rollback is complete.

After this, your contacts will be restored to exactly the same state as it was on that particular day. If the restore is unable to produce desirable result, you can just restore the contacts again to another date or a date just before you started restore.

Via: Gmail Help