Even though Gmail gives you options of changing the look of your inbox using themes, still almost all the themes are more or less same except the color changes. By changing the themes, the basic structure of your Gmail inbox looks same. But looks like Google is working on so many new things one of them Google+ being released yesterday. Even with Gmail, you can get a brand new look for your Gmail Inbox.

The new look is available for everyone inside their Themes option and you need to enable them to get the new look. To enable the new look, just go to your Mail settings >> Themes. There you will find two new themes “Preview” and “Preview (dense)”. Just select any one of those themes to get the brand new look for your Gmail.

This new look much cleaner and uncluttered. Even though the Old look was much far better than many other email providers like Yahoo mail, Hotmail etc, still the new look is better than the old one (in my Opinion at least).

If you use Gmail, then its time to try your new Gmail Inbox.