Google+ is just few days old and everyone is getting crazy about it. hose who have a invite are getting crazy by using it and those who are still waiting for it are getting crazy over not being able to have hands on Google+. Few days back, we talked about if Facebook or twitter need to be worried due to launch of Google+ and it looks like the answer is affirmative. Google+ is already flooded and at the moment, new invitations for Google+ are not working or disabled.

Hopefully Google+ wont be as bad as Facebook in terms of privacy. First impressions does confirm that privacy issues are addressed. But we will wait for some more time before deciding on how good or bad Google is when it comes to privacy issues.

Today we will talk about a small Privacy setting in Google+ which lets you remove your profile listing from the public search. If you want that others (anyone) can find your profile in search results, then you need not do anything as it is the default setting for Google+. Bu if you want the opposite i.e no one should find you using your profile in Google+ search result, then you need to change a small setting in Google+ options.

You just need to edit your Google+ profile using the Edit link on your profile page. Just go to the bottom of the page and you will find a option of “Search Visibility”. Just uncheck that option and you are done.

Just save your profile by clicking on ” Done editing”. From now on, your profile wont be visible in search results.