Reason I was offline for two weeks

For last two weeks, i was too busy with my personal stuff and here’s the reason i was offline for these two weeks. I am a Dad now :).

I am blessed with a baby gal.

It would still take a week before i am back to blogging fully , till then bear with me.

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  • Fery Octo Link Reply

    wow,, pretty girl.. congratz…

  • congratulation……

  • belloto Link Reply

    congratulation master, you happy for you baby, and we are happy.

    master sorry for my englis, :))

    Me alegro mucho, enhorabuena.

    • thank you mate. No problems for the english. Its good enough to convey your feelings. Thanks again

  • underground Link Reply

    congrulations mate !!!! i send you the best regards !

  • Samuel Link Reply

    My hearty congratulations Avinash. Your daughter is so cute, you are lucky man, god is good at you to give you the best all the times. Congratz…… from PC Addons

  • Congrats Avinash. May all the Happiness and Joy fill her her future.

  • implague Link Reply

    hey hey hearty congrats to u i know how does it feel being a Father me too recently gifted with a baby boy

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