How many of you need to create Powerpoint presentations often for your dat to day work or may be once in  a while? Most of us will run to MS Powerpoint Tool to create these presentations as it is the easiest tool available offline. Today we will talk a bout a online tool Prezi much powerful and easier than MS Powerpoint which lets you create astonishing and powerful powerpoint presentations online. You can even download these presentations offline easily.

Using Prezi, You can use your browser to create these presentations. Prezi comes with a free account with 100 MB free space which is good enough for most of us to create presentations. Only downside is, Prezi logo comes with it. But thats fine if you are getting powerful powerpoint presentations.

The tool is too easy.  You can easily add any text, Pictures, Youtube videos to your presentations by double clicking anywhere on the Canvas. You can use just the Youtube URL of any video and it will add that instantly to your presentation.  You can easily change the orientation of each of the object in the presentation whether its a Image, text or Video. You can even zoom in or Zoom out any of the objects quite easily just by dragging the mouse click.

You can also changes fonts, colors and themes depending on your requirement. You can also hides frames within presentation easily just with a click of mouse. Everything runs smooth even in a browser.

Check this youtube Video for a brief introduction about Prezi.

All the objects of your presentations are connected and you can define the path quite easily with your mouse click just by dragging. By path, we mean the sequence in which the objects will appear while you show your presentation.

After you are finished, you can download your presentation easily. Keep in mind, with free account you can not edit the presentation offline. You can edit them only online.

Give it a try and I bet you will love it if you need to build a great presentation.