How often you you want to disable access to certain windows Programs or certain files on your system so that no one else can use it? Within your Windows operating system, it looks difficult to selectively disable access to windows programs or lock files. Often, we feel like the programs or files should be password protected and should open only after a password is provided making it inaccessible to non-intended users.

Winguard Pro (Free version) is one such great application/tool which can help you Password protect your Windows programs and  Encrypt files with Winguard for free. Winguard Pro is a free program that lets you lock some features of your system so that nobody can use them while you are away.

Features of WinGuard Pro (Free Version)

  • Over 25 Built-in Tasks Ready to be Locked
  • New Lock access to any folder
  • Encrypt your private files
  • Hide the Start Bar & Start Button
  • New Parental Time Control
  • Disable Software Installation
  • Password Internet Explorer, FireFox, etc
  • Restrict Windows Explorer, Registry Tools
  • Lock out the Task Manager

The Configuration or interface is quite simple. It asks you to create a password intially. The default password is “LETMEIN” which you can change easily. Whenever a locked program or file will be accessed later on, the user will be asked to enter the password to access the locked program or file.

The options panel is too easy to understand and configure. Just select the program you want to lock and click apply. That’s all. Similarly, Encrypting a file or locking a file can be done easily by just selecting the file and clicking on encrypt.

Some of more advanced features like Encrypting or locking access to entire folder are available with paid version. But as far as I am concerned, Free version has more than enough features for most of us. You can use other freewares for Encrypting or locking access to entire folder.

Using the Advanced tab in configuration, you can lock “System protected tasks like Task Manager, Windows Explorer, Registry editing tools etc. easily.

It is a great tool for anyone who want to protect critical files or data being accessed by users not intended to or to prevent data theft when you are away from your system.

[Download Winguard Pro]